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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Casey update!!

update from Casey's foster mommy....

Casey is doing very well. we did take his shirt off thinking that he could go shirtless now but he proved that wasn't to happen yet. Casey is an obsessive licker when it comes to even the tiniest ouchy. he will lick it till it becomes huge. so on went his shirt again.hopefully in another week he can have his shirt taken off permanently. he has become soooo much more active. there is no evidence of any coughing. a bit of asthmatic sounding breathing but we were told that would always be there. however it doesn't seem to be hindering his play like before. he is able to run and play. his stamina is much much stronger. he eats well, drinks well. is back to looking for trouble to get into to. his quality of life is soooo soooo much better then before the lung was taken out. his eyes are brighter and oddly his breath is much better smelling. he remains off of all his meds which is awesome. we were afraid he would have to go back on his breathing pill but so far he has had no need for it. we are looking forward to hopefully someday the weather cooling off so we can start taking walks and see how he does on a walk. He is so much more like the old Casey its amazing! 

aren't i pretty without my shirt on!
my battle scar. 
ohhh!!! it itches sooooo bad!
 oops she caught me licking it.
can i play yet?
 i spy the pig!
yup its my pig.
me and my pig doing my morning exercises 
(yes its blurry, he was moving so fast i couldn't snap a clear pix)
 playing tug of war with my sissy and brother
its hot out here!
 kitty cat get outta here!
 bark bark... go away kitty!
 roo roo roo! checkers and i are singing!
 what a fun day! i am tired!

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