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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vinny and Daffy's Date Night in honor of Casey's Cause

Date Night iz Tonight!!!

8:00pm est
Saturday July 14th 2012

da lovely Daffy
dis iz me Vincent

as me and Daffy enjoys are date togetha please keeps
in mind dat we doin dis all for a little IG in foster care who had hims 
lung removed. his name iz Casey.
Casey has been through so much and iz gettin betta but still needs our
help wif reachin da goal.
please feel free as you iz watchin to add to da tip jar, da (Chip In) for Casey's Cause
thanks so much! every little bit do help and all
goes directly to IGRF for Casey.

also i will be callin on does watchin to pawticipate in certain 
parts ov da date wif us until den please 
be courteous and watch wot unfolds from da bleachers
thank you and i hopes you haz fun wif us!! :D

our wonderful DJ Frankie Figs
and Our lovely host Shelly and Mimi
date photos all done by our great friend Olly Teddy

for Casey......

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