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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daffy and hers Mommy

Princess Daffy

mees wants to dedicate dis post to two ov mees favorite freinds in da whole world...
Daffy who iz mees sweet princess iz poorly and needs all our help!
her mommy iz also very poorly and needs our help too!

ova da last year mees mom and Daffy's mom haz become very close.
dem share everythin and mommy luv her very much.
i luvs dem both too like da flowers luv da rain....

az most ov yoo knows Daffy iz one ov da sweetest aniplas on twitta and 
iz always der for friends in need. her iz carin and luvin and just trooly a bright
ray ov sunshine! 

sometimes life gets hard... and den wee all der for eachotha
 dat wot bein part ov da anipal community iz all about.
wee looks out for our friends we help when wee can even if its just a cyber hug
dis iz wot makes us all so special here.

please find it in yoos hearts to give any little bit yoo can to makes
der life easier. mee mom say dat when yoos poorly money should bees da
last ov yoos worries.

i knows Daffy and hers mom iz very proud and would neva ask for help
but i gonna ask! i luvs dem and i needs dem to bees part ov
mees life for a very long time.....

i hopes dem don't gets mad at mee but i gonna doos woteva i can to 
makes sure da word gets out...
please keeps dem in yoos prayers and donate if yoo can...

i will not bees updatin dis page till da goal iz met in hounor ov mee and mommy's
closest friends Daffy and Ingrid