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Monday, December 23, 2013

wot Christmas means to mee...

az da bustle ov Christmas iz at its highest peak, hoomans rushin for last 
minute presents and things to fill stockings and children s anticipation ov Santa
comin, mommy reminds mee and Gino dat Christmas in our 
family iz a celebration.

da celibration ov da birth ov our Savior Jesus Christ.
now mee and Gino doesn't really unda stand it all but
everyday mommy tells us wee must bee thankful and
dat Christmas can bees in yoos heart everyday, not only around
da holidays.

wee watch shows wif mommy and mommy explains all her can
to us about Jesus and how important him iz to us in our family.
her tells us to bee kind to one anotha and show compasion
and unda standin because dat wot Jesus would want us to doos.

and az a family wee must take da time to doo things for othas all through out da year not only
at Christmas time. and dat wee must remeba to bee thankful and give thanks everyday
to Jesus for all dat wee have.
 and dat wee mustn't forget to look to 
him in good times az much az wee doos in bad times.

az mee thinks ov all da things mommy haz told mee and Gino, mee thinks
dat dis Jesus guy waz pretty sooper, like a sooper hero!

dis wot wee believe in mees family and mommy tells us dat otha hoomans 
believes in different things and dat iz sooper too because Jesus has taught our family to respect all da different beliefs ov everyone all ova da world.

one thing mee iz certain ov doe iz dat woteva yoo believe iz just sooper
because az long az you are at peace wif yooself dat wot iz important.

but Christmas to mee and mees family isn't about wot wee get Christmas mornin
it bee about wot Jesus means to us and dat wee iz thankful dat him iz in our hearts.

aldoe mee doos like new toys and mee doos like Santa! 
mee will
rememba wot mommy teach us. 
and rememba to bee thankful every day for mees 
family and mees freinds and all dat bees beautiful in da world

Merry Christmas 
and Happy Holidays!!

yoos freind Vincent Rocket....

wif dis i leave yoo a song by mees mommy...
it not a Christmas song but a song written by Collin Raye
called In Dis Life..
it an important meaningful song to mees mom.
we give thanks for all ov yoos for beings our freinds
thanks yoo

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

snow angel......

Snow Angel 
by Vincent Rocket

az da first snow falls look up in to da sky
turn yoos face to da heavens and try not to cry......

rememba our friend white az da snow, 
her soul pure and white..... az her fur...
her memory will neva blur.......

she runs and she plays in da snow covered hills..
in heaven she bee wif wings white az snow
 our little snow angel... all aglow....

next time yoo lay down in da soft cold snow..
make a snow angel and remeba......
 her will always bee closer....
closer dan yoo know....

for yoo sweet Phi and Mommy.....
James Taylor 
Fire and Rain

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


az we come togetha to rememba Samson and all him meant to us wee have come to realize dat da most important thing right now iz hims family.

so many have reached out and asked, wot can wee doos for dem? how can wee help?.........

az most ov yoos know, Samsons passin waz very fast and unexpected, and dis haz left hims family heartbroken and grievin wif hims lose.

so wee would like to ask anipals and hoomans alike to join us in rememberin Samson....

send yoos luv to hims family, light a candle, say a prayer, share dis message, reach out to hims mommy and wrap her in da warmth ov a luvin hug.

wif dis i would like to say...thanks yoo, thanks yoo to all dat waved a paw at Samson durin da day... yoos lives are richer for knowin him....i knows dat mine iz ....

wee luv yoo Samson, yoo will always bee in our hearts xoxo :')

a poem by Vincent Rocket

Around Da Bend..

all around us da world goes on....
but today it stopped, for Samson iz gone.

he leaves us wif our hearts in pieces....
our sadness branches across da beaches.

wee look back in time when wee played and laughed....
told jokes and cried and shared a photograph.

dees times wif Samson were precious and dear....
always filled wif hope...  dat much iz clear.

but as wee say goodbye to our beloved freind....
rememba..... dear Samson iz only just around da bend.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

goodbye mees bestist friend......

Slipper Thurston
i haz many things mee wanna say.....
it diffucult to see through da tears, but mee knows dat i hasta  doos it....
for meeself and for Slip and for hims mommy...
dis iz mees freind Slipper, mee always called him Slip doe.
az i look back to when wee first met i think ov him and it doos make mee smile.
Slip waz funny beyond words, him waz brave too...brave like a knight in shinnin armor!
mee knows too him waz a sooper hero, a sooper hero who taught mee so many things.

Slip and i would stay up long afta da hoomans went to bed and him and i would solve
da worlds problems, and da problems dat iggys sometimes come across in der life.
hims wise words and silly anticts would always make mee smile, for him knew
da world, him knew da world well, through eyes dat didn't see......

Slip luved cheez, if yoo knew Slip you knew dat any mention ov cheeze would gets 
hims attention straight away! one night i rememba sneekin into hims kitchen and eatin hims cheeze
hee hee him waz not happy abouts it, but see him always thought it waz dat mouse in
da wall, but really it waz always mee......

az i look back i realize dat Slip did see da world much more clearly dan mee did, 
even doe Slip waz blind, him neva let dat stop him from beings brave and strong,
and havin da answers for all da millions ov questions i had.

but az time goes on, all ov us iggys wee doos age, and i would see Slip less and less,
but even doe i didn't sees him az often i always thought ov him every day.
and i knew in mees heart dat one day Slip would leave and go on to 
anotha place, a place filled wif flowers and smells and gardens and squirrles, 
where him can run again and see again and feel da sun on hims face and bee free ov pain.

this time haz come........
the time were i hasta say goodbye to mees bestist freind....

i write dis through tears, tears i haven't been able to hold back for days.
tears dat flow for hims mommy and her loss.. and for Slip and hims whole family.
for da loss ov Slip's mommys dear hooman daddy, who haz also crossed ova........ 
and for da recent loss ov Slip's fursis.... *sobs*

who would have eva thought dat a freind da yoo haz neva met in person would
touch yoos heart so deeply.......
i can tell you......Slip and hims mommy are very much a part ov mees family,
da family i have made right here on twitta.
lovin and undastandin dis family i haz iz more precious to mee dan gold.
more precious dan da air i breeve.....

i leave yoo wif dis poem.........

togetha again........
ova da bridge yoo find yooself
not alone, not sad, but whole again.......

to run, to play, to see da sun
yoos pain iz gone, yoos hurts undone....

wee miss yoo here, its hard yoo see
but in Gods hands iz where yoo need to bee...

run free dear Slip and rememba us
someday wee will meet and oh wot a fuss...

wee will play and dance and sing a song
for dat day we will know we are all right where wee belong.....
togetha again....

luv yoo buddy xoxox
till wee meet again.....

in memory ov Slipper Thurston

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

as yoo look into der eyes....

greener pastures

az i look around mees beautiful home and all da comforts mee haz,
and az i look into da eyes ov mees brofur who i knows don't sees mee all dat well
i think ov all does animals out der sufferin....

i knows dat i could let it consume mee and fill mee wif sadness every day
but i choose to think ov da good dat iz beings done out der.
a little no kill shelter in a small town brings in babies from all ova,
dem look on Craigs list dem looks in da paper, dem goes to kill shelters and dey finds people to volunteer to bring dem babies to da little no kill shelter, where dem iz given care by vets dat care so much for
der wellbeings. dees same babies iz den placed in foster where dem learn love....

don't forget all da good dat iz goin on, i knows it bee easy to bee consumed by
da evil dat becomes some ov us, but i sees so much good out der, mee sees hoomans
comin togetha to help stop da abuse, mee sees petitions and donations and hoomans
so passionate about wot dem doos dem would walk out into
traffic to save a family ov ducks like mees dad did...

da pain wee have in our hearts drives dis evalastin passion for change...

one day, one day in da future things will bee different,
hoomans will realize dat all God's creatures are precious and deserve to bee
luved and treated wif respect.

mee writes dis today as mees eyes fill up wif tears for does dat neva got a chance.
for does babies i will foreva keep in mees heart. 
dis keeps mee focused and keeps mee doin wot i can to help,
even if it bee just one animal at a time.

and to does dat help bring dees babies out ov da darkness and into da light i thank yoo
i thanks yoo everyday...

luv Vincent Rocket

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

da winner ov da Tart Burner Set iz........

da winner ov da Heart Tart Burner Set wif Custom Tarts iz...............
Cathy Marsh!!!

congratulations Cathy!! 
yoo can see mee pick her name!
check out mees video here!!


thanks yoo so much to everyone who purchased from mees
moms store last month!! yoos are all appreciaated so very much!

thanks for beings a Captive Essence Customer!

luv Vincent Rocket!

hi everybody!!

mees mom iz havin a contest in da month ov August for her Etsy site!!
anyone dat places an order for any item on her site automatically gets
entered to win a beautiful hand made Heart Tart Burner Set!

dees sets are handcrafted by mees GiGi out ov lovely ceramic and are all signed and dated too!
yoo can also customize da scent yoo would like for yoos tarts!!

dis set comes wif The Heart Tart Burner, 6 tarts ov yoos choice 
and 6 handmade unscented tea lights! 
also ders free shippin for yoos Tart Burner!

don't miss out on dis great opportunity to win dis beautiful set!
dees sets are valued at $26.00!!

place an order now and have your name put in da drawin!!
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click on da Etsy link on da right side ov mees blog
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thanks so much and GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Attention Anipals! Hope Needs Our Help!!

please meet sweet darlin Hope

Hope must doos lost ov restin

Hopes Car ride..

Hopes Tubby day!
Hopes broken Pelvis 
please help mee help Hope!!!!

PPPR has da best vet and Hope iz gettin da best care! Da
 blood dat waz in her poops was caused from trauma, dem suspect her waz kicked and abused causin da broken pelvis. da way da bone iz broken reflects dat her waz kicked! Her doos not need surgery at dis time. Her iz on pain meds and antibiotics and will gets a series ov laser treatments ova da next 4-6 weeks on hers pelvic area. If yoo would likes to makes a donation to helps PPPR care for Hope yoo can call Partridge Animal Hospital at 
727-526-8700 and makes a donation to Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue for Hope! Xoxoxo thank yoo!!!! And thank yoo to Dr. Landers at Partridge Animal Hospital!!!

also if yoo would like to send a check to help Hope here bees da address:
Partridge Animal Hospital 
for PPPR on behalf of Hope's Medical Bills
6920 4th St North
St Petersburg Florida 33702

please help Hope get well, Jamie iz a good freind ov mine and doos so much for fur kids.
and please sent good thoughts and prayers to Hope for her will need dem to gets well

thanks yoo so much
luv yoos all 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Joey Superstar's Pawty


Joey Superstars Disco Fever!
 sooo well hee hee to tell yoo all a little bit about da pawty wee
had for Joey, let mee start by sayin wee was
totally trending #1 in da USA on May 25th!!

wee had so much fun da pawty waz a total blast!
it waz da best disco in town!

oh boy dis brings back memories!
 needless to say most anipals had glitter in places dem would
ratha not talk abouts da mornin afta BOL!

Joey Get's down at da disco
so many anipals showed up for da pawty it waz hard to keep up!
but everyone had a sooper time!

wild night!
as things progressed and da nip started to fly some anipals gots 
a little crazy Bahahahaha!!

free rentals!
roller skates waz givin out to all anipals!
i still haz a brooz on mees hiney!!

Joey say da bar iz open!
most don't know but dis was Joey's first pawty dat him was eva at!
wee had great noms and drinks dat night thanks too da sooper menu
dat @Shelly338 made!

thanks to all da Barktenders da helped keep everyones belly full
and kept da drinks flowin!!


 thanks yoo @RemydogIG  in charge ov Sekurity! for keepin da Trolls at bay!!

Groove on Gino Grove on! wee all luved yoos fro!!

mee squeezed into mees tight pants for da disco!
Joey served up da cake!! i thinks der waz nip in it and bacon!!
things got a little crazy afta da cake BOL!
Joey waz da host wif da most!!!
and da kitty's!!
da kitty's iz always da life ov da pawty BOL!!!
our wonderful DJ's dat night kept da music goin all night long!!
thanks so much for da great disco toons!!
oh wow i actually got a picture ov da disco ball wifout any anipals
hangin from it! hee hee ;)

great prizes waz won dat night! and a big thank yoo to da Prizemasters
and all who donated to make dis pawty a hooge success!
and congrats to all da winners ov dees great prizes!!

and a big shout out to @JeffMusk for helpin make Avitars for all da
guest!! thanks Buddy!!
All our luv to Joey and da Italian Greyhound Rescue ov Florida!
wee is so glad wee waz able to make dis happen for yoo!!
all da custom pictures made for Joey waz made by our great
and very talented pal @OllyTed! 
thanks Olly!!

please follow Joey on twitta!


and if yoo can, please donate any little bit yoo
may have to help Joey and all da Iggy's in da Rescue!
here bees da link!

thanks too everyone who helped make dis pawty happen!!

a special thanks yoo to @Shelly338 it wouldn't have happened wifout yoo xoxox
also if anyone haz der Disco avi and would like der picture
added to dis Bloggy post, please tweet mee @VincentRocket
and i will add yoos disco Picture, i would luv to have dem!!

thanks to all da guests and does dat donated to Joey's fund!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Joey da Iggy ...


hi everybody!
i haz a new freind dat mee wants to introduce yoos all to!
hims name iz Joey!

Joey haz been through alot and hims now in da wonderful
care of da Italian Greyhound Rescue ov Florida.
but little Joey needs our helps!

as yoos all know da rescue get its funds from donations from hoomans likes yoo
and when ders Iggys like Joey dat need extensive care it puts a hooge
tax on da funds dat helps otha Iggys in da rescue.

so for dems to bees able to helps all dees Iggys dem needs special hoomans just like yoo
to dig in da couch and yoos pockets and pull out wot eva yoo can!
every little bit helps and no amount iz to small!

mee prays and hopes dat one day der will bees no Iggys dat don't have
foreva homes but until dat day wee gonna doos woteva
it takes to makes sure da ones in foster care gets da care dem needs when 
dem needs it.

please read abouts Joey here and please help if yoo can!

and me ask for one more thing...... please keeps all da babies in foster care and does
dat are homeless in yoos thoughts and prayers for dey just like does ov
us dat all ready have luvin homes need luv too, and blankies and pillows and toys and treets and snuggles 
and walkies and noms and oh well yoo knows wot i mean! xoxox

cheers to mees new pal Joey!
may yoo heal and one day run like da wind!

thanks yoo and please share hims story wif da world

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daffy and hers Mommy

Princess Daffy

mees wants to dedicate dis post to two ov mees favorite freinds in da whole world...
Daffy who iz mees sweet princess iz poorly and needs all our help!
her mommy iz also very poorly and needs our help too!

ova da last year mees mom and Daffy's mom haz become very close.
dem share everythin and mommy luv her very much.
i luvs dem both too like da flowers luv da rain....

az most ov yoo knows Daffy iz one ov da sweetest aniplas on twitta and 
iz always der for friends in need. her iz carin and luvin and just trooly a bright
ray ov sunshine! 

sometimes life gets hard... and den wee all der for eachotha
 dat wot bein part ov da anipal community iz all about.
wee looks out for our friends we help when wee can even if its just a cyber hug
dis iz wot makes us all so special here.

please find it in yoos hearts to give any little bit yoo can to makes
der life easier. mee mom say dat when yoos poorly money should bees da
last ov yoos worries.

i knows Daffy and hers mom iz very proud and would neva ask for help
but i gonna ask! i luvs dem and i needs dem to bees part ov
mees life for a very long time.....

i hopes dem don't gets mad at mee but i gonna doos woteva i can to 
makes sure da word gets out...
please keeps dem in yoos prayers and donate if yoo can...

i will not bees updatin dis page till da goal iz met in hounor ov mee and mommy's
closest friends Daffy and Ingrid

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Donn from Tennessee

mees homeless friend Donn from Tennessee
today mommy went to da produce store and her saw Donn again!!
her went ups to Donn and said hi to him! him remembered her and
him told her him could neva forgets da red head wif da red truck who helped him last time.
hee hee her waz very flattered!

dem chatted for a while and her asked him if him needed anythin
and him said no. well mee mom said "don't worry Donn i find yoo somthin"
dem excanged names but him doos have a hard time rememberin names so
mom told him to rememba da Red Lory Bird since her a red head him thought him could remember.
him knew wot a red Lory waz him so smart!!
even doe mom don't spell her name dat way it ok :)

Red Lory
so mom told Donn to wait for her till her waz done shoppin and him said him would.
her finished her shoppin and came back out to greet Donn.
mom didn't knows Donn didn't haves no teef so her had bought lots ov fruit
for him but him said him couldn't chews it :(
but her also gots him a soft loaft ov bread and a can ov pop open soup for him
to have noms for dinner tonight. oh and mom gaves Donn a new lighter for hims cigarettes to light wif!
him waz so very grateful! but him told mom him don't need her to give him things
every time her sees him, most ov all him just wants to have a friend.

 dem talked and talked and talked and him told her abouts hims family
dat him haz, but dem don't see him it very sad.
him waz very proud ov hims childeren and said dat dey waz all
very well off. dis makes mom sad doe because why dey abandon him?
her doesn't know and her didn't ask it not her place to question Donn about
how him got to dis dark place. maybe one day him tell her but it wouldn't
matta anyways cuz her would neva judge him.

dem talked abouts tattoos and dogs and God
da important stuff! BOL!

one thing dat made mees mom very sad waz dat him haz so much trouble
livin on da street. da Po Po iz always nasty to him and him can only stay on da sidewalk if 
him steps off hims in troubles. mee iz aloud off da sidewalk even! :(

if only more would be more carin and compassionate to da homeless da world would
bees a better place. dey hoomans! deys real peoples wif lives dat are
just as important az anyone elses. dat wot mee thinks.

one thing mom noticed when dem waz talkin was da looks
ov disgust from passer buys. it very sad how some view da homeless it very sad indeed.

so mee thoughts and prayers go out to Donn and to all da homeless hoomans
on da earth. pray for dem keep dem in your thoughts when yoos warm 
in yoos house wif full bellys.
say hello to dem yoo may just make der days a little brighter.

thanks yoo xoxo

Thursday, February 14, 2013

da homeless bicycle man....

as mommy went about her shoppin and daily chours today, her met a homless man.....

on her way out of da produce stand her noticed him standin along da bulidin for it waz rainin and him was
der stayin out ov da rain.

her loaded her car and quickly got inside to gets out ov da rain.
her sat for sometime lookin out at da man wonderin wot hims life would bees like.

inside her her begain to fill up wif emotions as her watch so many walk by him and look away.
as her sat der her wondered wot it would bees like to not have a home, for mee and Gino and daddy to
not have a home. dis made her feel so sad for dis man.
who i might say neva once asked anyone who passed him for anythin.

mom grabbed an apple out ov her bags and dug a dollar from her purse and got out
ov da car.

as her approached da elderly man him seemed to withdraw from her.
but her approched him anyway reassurin him wif a smile, and as her handed him da apple and pushed da dollar into hims hand, her held hims hand for a moment and her asked out loud dat God be wif him and watch ova him always.

as mom turned around to head back to da car da man smiled and said God bless yoo child to mees mom.

mom returned to da car her was overwhelmed wif emotion, emotion for all da homeless
hoomans in da world.

next time yoo see a homless hooman dont forget dem is real peoples, dem had families once
dem maybee haz children and once had anotha life otha dan da one yoo see now.
take da time to say hello when passin please don't look away from dem. dey are real, dey are part ov humanity.


Monday, February 11, 2013


gosh i sooper embarassed to bees bloggin about Christmas dis late 
but i wanted to shares wif yoo all mees Christmas day!

Christmas mornin waz sooper pawsome! wee gots up sooper early and did open
pressies straight away!

Gino and mee say Christmas iz da best time ov da year!!

sillly daddy him gots a watch dat all him eva wants him easy to shop for  hee hee :)
mom doos have good taste dat for sure!
here bees mee openin mees pressies! i doos it all meeself!
i gots a big snake!!!!
Gino waz really not luvin dis Santa Suite him waz mad BOL!
and wee gots an HONKTAPUS!!!!
Gino really tooks a likin to dis honktapus him was shakin it and squeekin it!!
den it attacked him!!!!!!! it wrapped all around him and squirted its ink!!!!!
wee was very supprized by dis and den i had to shows dat Honktapuss hoos boss
i shook him and shook him till him realized dat mee and Gino waz da boss ov him!
now him nows hims place dat for sure!

thanks for sharin dis wif mee! I sorry it so late but really it
Christmas every day at mees house and every day da spirit ov Christmas bees in mees heart!
luv yoos xoxox