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Monday, June 10, 2013

Joey Superstar's Pawty


Joey Superstars Disco Fever!
 sooo well hee hee to tell yoo all a little bit about da pawty wee
had for Joey, let mee start by sayin wee was
totally trending #1 in da USA on May 25th!!

wee had so much fun da pawty waz a total blast!
it waz da best disco in town!

oh boy dis brings back memories!
 needless to say most anipals had glitter in places dem would
ratha not talk abouts da mornin afta BOL!

Joey Get's down at da disco
so many anipals showed up for da pawty it waz hard to keep up!
but everyone had a sooper time!

wild night!
as things progressed and da nip started to fly some anipals gots 
a little crazy Bahahahaha!!

free rentals!
roller skates waz givin out to all anipals!
i still haz a brooz on mees hiney!!

Joey say da bar iz open!
most don't know but dis was Joey's first pawty dat him was eva at!
wee had great noms and drinks dat night thanks too da sooper menu
dat @Shelly338 made!

thanks to all da Barktenders da helped keep everyones belly full
and kept da drinks flowin!!


 thanks yoo @RemydogIG  in charge ov Sekurity! for keepin da Trolls at bay!!

Groove on Gino Grove on! wee all luved yoos fro!!

mee squeezed into mees tight pants for da disco!
Joey served up da cake!! i thinks der waz nip in it and bacon!!
things got a little crazy afta da cake BOL!
Joey waz da host wif da most!!!
and da kitty's!!
da kitty's iz always da life ov da pawty BOL!!!
our wonderful DJ's dat night kept da music goin all night long!!
thanks so much for da great disco toons!!
oh wow i actually got a picture ov da disco ball wifout any anipals
hangin from it! hee hee ;)

great prizes waz won dat night! and a big thank yoo to da Prizemasters
and all who donated to make dis pawty a hooge success!
and congrats to all da winners ov dees great prizes!!

and a big shout out to @JeffMusk for helpin make Avitars for all da
guest!! thanks Buddy!!
All our luv to Joey and da Italian Greyhound Rescue ov Florida!
wee is so glad wee waz able to make dis happen for yoo!!
all da custom pictures made for Joey waz made by our great
and very talented pal @OllyTed! 
thanks Olly!!

please follow Joey on twitta!


and if yoo can, please donate any little bit yoo
may have to help Joey and all da Iggy's in da Rescue!
here bees da link!

thanks too everyone who helped make dis pawty happen!!

a special thanks yoo to @Shelly338 it wouldn't have happened wifout yoo xoxox
also if anyone haz der Disco avi and would like der picture
added to dis Bloggy post, please tweet mee @VincentRocket
and i will add yoos disco Picture, i would luv to have dem!!

thanks to all da guests and does dat donated to Joey's fund!