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Thursday, February 20, 2014

foreva in mees heart

 dis iz very hard post for mee to write today......
normally da words flow from mees paws but today it not so easy.

as most ov yoo knows our wonderful freind Ingrid haz made her jouney
to bees wif Jesus. mommy say Jesus needed Ingrid der in heaven and dat mee hasta
undastand dat one day wee all hasta goes live der in heaven wif Him.
her say dis iz da natural order ov things.

but mee not undastand. all mee knows iz dat her gone and mees princess
Daffy haz her mommy no more.

one thing mee mom told mee waz dat da most important thing to Ingrid
waz dat Daffy bee taken care ov when her goes to heaven, and her will bee.
Daffy iz gonna bee livin wif Dana!
Most everyone in da whole world knows Dana, her iz one ov da 
kindest most luvin hoomans dat eva walked da earth!

her will bee a great new mommy for Daffy!

but mee will miss Daffy on twitta, mee will miss her so much.
her waz mees princess........ 
and no one will eva be able to see life through her eyes like auntie Ingrid did.

Ingrid and Daffy
 one thing mee knows iz mee will neva forget dem, togetha dem
brought so much happiness and side splittin giggles to twitta
dat sometimes mee would fall ova wif laughings.

wee shared so much togetha, wee had adventures and even a date!

Daffy and mee on our date

but az Ingrid moves on to sit at da feets ov Jesus,
 Daffy moves on to anotha chapter in her life.
a place where mee iz happy to say mee will still be able to 
hear about her and how her iz doin.
mee happy about dat!

now to explain to yoo da impact dis whole thing haz has on da Anipal
community iz somethin yoo couldn't even imagine.
love for dem pours from all corners ov da world.
so many iz sad and filled wif loss dat mees own pain seems selfish at times.

mee hasn't been on da twitters much lately, only because mommy say
it to hard for her to helps mee write durin dis sad time.
Ingrid and mommy waz very close, dem emailed everyday
for years. but for da last few month az Ingrid became more sick
it was less and less........

mommy knew.....her explained to mee dat heaven waited for Ingrid and
dat all wee could doos waz be here for her az long az her needed us.

mommy looks back and remebas all da dreams and secretes dem shared and her 
smiles....her smiles because her will neva forget da stories and da travels through da life ov her freind.
it doos remind her ov a song by Jimmy Buffet a song Called He went to Paris....

not only waz Ingrid a wonderful freind but also a talented writter and poet and buisness woman.
dis bee one dat haz been shared many times wif da anipal community.
dis poem iz a troo treasure!

mee doesn't have a poem yet az mee normally doos...
mee needs to make it a happy poem filled wif luv and life and right now mee just
doesnt haves dat in mee....
but mommy wanted mee to share da last letter her wrote to Ingrid
dis letter waz written da day before auntie Ingrid went to heaven.......

I want you to know I love you so much, I am so happy to have been your friend. My life is richer for knowing you. I don't know if you will get the chance to see this but I pray you do. I pray for you every day. I think of you all the time. :'( 

Listen to me, No matter what happens don't be afraid. Jesus, whenever He is ready will take you into His Kingdom, a Kingdom so full of love and wonder, a place we all long to be someday. You will never be alone, you will never be in need. 

I don't want you to leave, I have so many more things I want to tell you and share with you. If I don't get to talk to you before Jesus takes you, I will see you someday, for the first time, but we will find each other! :'( 

I pray....... 
Dear Jesus our Lord and Savior, watch over Ingrid, please let her find peace by your side. Please grant her humble wish to one day touch your cloak and look onto your face, dear Jesus please I pray may her journey be gentle and filled with peace and love. May her troubles be eased and may her be able to rest in your great white light. 


I love you my friend forever and always. One day we will meet, one day I will take your hand and we will run through the fields of heaven like children, we will laugh and play. One day.... and then we will both know what it's like to live in His Kingdom. 

Always and forever 
Lori, Vincent, Gino and Michael 

love you........

a special song for Ingrid.....

Friday, February 7, 2014

in memory ov Davids Best Mate

words seem to bees gone from mee tonight az da tears roll down mees
bloo furs.....

but mee will find da strength because David would want mee to bee strong.
him would want mee to write and find da words, and let da words flow
from mees broken heart.

David waz a hooge inspiration to mee, hims writin did give mee da
strength to start mees own bloggy and to find meeself in mees writins and mees poems.

mee neva thought mee could doos wot mee doos here but mee always looked
to David and saw him shine everyday through hims musin.

mee will always rememba him when mee writes now, all mee hasta doos iz
look to da stars and him will be shinin down givin me inspiration to keep on keepin on.

so many friends David had, all ova da world, it iz a troo blessin dat wee all
got to knows him and share hims life through da eyes ov hims mommy.
no one will eva doos it betta mee doos not thinks.

mee raises mees glass ov blooberry joose to yoo David! 
too yoos life and legacy, to yoos books and all da work yoo
and mommy did for all da hounds, for da laughs and da
luv yoo shared wif us all we salute yoo Prime Minister David!

thanks yoo for beings our friend..... :')

a poem by Vincent Rocket..
Luffly Brindles....

da sun shines da rain iz no where to bee found
today iz da perfect day for a brindle hound....

where yoo bee der will always bee sun
der will neva bee rain to wash yoos brindle's away...

yoo leave us behind but wee know in our hearts yoos runnin free
fast az da speed ov sound and full ov glee...

yoos wings dems not white like da typical hound
but brindle in color and and perfectly sound....

yoo fly higher dan most wif yoos brindle wings
deys strong and perfect, deys da wings ov da kings.....

cry not for does yoo haz left behind 
for yoo iz still wif dem yoos hearts foreva entwined....

wee luv yoo David yoo will neva bee forgot
yoos stories will bee wif us in books and in thought.......

fly high wif yoos beautiful brindle wings
for brindles iz da troo color ov kings.

yoos friend and fan 
Vincent Rocket

Monday, December 23, 2013

wot Christmas means to mee...

az da bustle ov Christmas iz at its highest peak, hoomans rushin for last 
minute presents and things to fill stockings and children s anticipation ov Santa
comin, mommy reminds mee and Gino dat Christmas in our 
family iz a celebration.

da celibration ov da birth ov our Savior Jesus Christ.
now mee and Gino doesn't really unda stand it all but
everyday mommy tells us wee must bee thankful and
dat Christmas can bees in yoos heart everyday, not only around
da holidays.

wee watch shows wif mommy and mommy explains all her can
to us about Jesus and how important him iz to us in our family.
her tells us to bee kind to one anotha and show compasion
and unda standin because dat wot Jesus would want us to doos.

and az a family wee must take da time to doo things for othas all through out da year not only
at Christmas time. and dat wee must remeba to bee thankful and give thanks everyday
to Jesus for all dat wee have.
 and dat wee mustn't forget to look to 
him in good times az much az wee doos in bad times.

az mee thinks ov all da things mommy haz told mee and Gino, mee thinks
dat dis Jesus guy waz pretty sooper, like a sooper hero!

dis wot wee believe in mees family and mommy tells us dat otha hoomans 
believes in different things and dat iz sooper too because Jesus has taught our family to respect all da different beliefs ov everyone all ova da world.

one thing mee iz certain ov doe iz dat woteva yoo believe iz just sooper
because az long az you are at peace wif yooself dat wot iz important.

but Christmas to mee and mees family isn't about wot wee get Christmas mornin
it bee about wot Jesus means to us and dat wee iz thankful dat him iz in our hearts.

aldoe mee doos like new toys and mee doos like Santa! 
mee will
rememba wot mommy teach us. 
and rememba to bee thankful every day for mees 
family and mees freinds and all dat bees beautiful in da world

Merry Christmas 
and Happy Holidays!!

yoos freind Vincent Rocket....

wif dis i leave yoo a song by mees mommy...
it not a Christmas song but a song written by Collin Raye
called In Dis Life..
it an important meaningful song to mees mom.
we give thanks for all ov yoos for beings our freinds
thanks yoo

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

snow angel......

Snow Angel 
by Vincent Rocket

az da first snow falls look up in to da sky
turn yoos face to da heavens and try not to cry......

rememba our friend white az da snow, 
her soul pure and white..... az her fur...
her memory will neva blur.......

she runs and she plays in da snow covered hills..
in heaven she bee wif wings white az snow
 our little snow angel... all aglow....

next time yoo lay down in da soft cold snow..
make a snow angel and remeba......
 her will always bee closer....
closer dan yoo know....

for yoo sweet Phi and Mommy.....
James Taylor 
Fire and Rain

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


az we come togetha to rememba Samson and all him meant to us wee have come to realize dat da most important thing right now iz hims family.

so many have reached out and asked, wot can wee doos for dem? how can wee help?.........

az most ov yoos know, Samsons passin waz very fast and unexpected, and dis haz left hims family heartbroken and grievin wif hims lose.

so wee would like to ask anipals and hoomans alike to join us in rememberin Samson....

send yoos luv to hims family, light a candle, say a prayer, share dis message, reach out to hims mommy and wrap her in da warmth ov a luvin hug.

wif dis i would like to say...thanks yoo, thanks yoo to all dat waved a paw at Samson durin da day... yoos lives are richer for knowin him....i knows dat mine iz ....

wee luv yoo Samson, yoo will always bee in our hearts xoxo :')

a poem by Vincent Rocket

Around Da Bend..

all around us da world goes on....
but today it stopped, for Samson iz gone.

he leaves us wif our hearts in pieces....
our sadness branches across da beaches.

wee look back in time when wee played and laughed....
told jokes and cried and shared a photograph.

dees times wif Samson were precious and dear....
always filled wif hope...  dat much iz clear.

but as wee say goodbye to our beloved freind....
rememba..... dear Samson iz only just around da bend.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

goodbye mees bestist friend......

Slipper Thurston
i haz many things mee wanna say.....
it diffucult to see through da tears, but mee knows dat i hasta  doos it....
for meeself and for Slip and for hims mommy...
dis iz mees freind Slipper, mee always called him Slip doe.
az i look back to when wee first met i think ov him and it doos make mee smile.
Slip waz funny beyond words, him waz brave too...brave like a knight in shinnin armor!
mee knows too him waz a sooper hero, a sooper hero who taught mee so many things.

Slip and i would stay up long afta da hoomans went to bed and him and i would solve
da worlds problems, and da problems dat iggys sometimes come across in der life.
hims wise words and silly anticts would always make mee smile, for him knew
da world, him knew da world well, through eyes dat didn't see......

Slip luved cheez, if yoo knew Slip you knew dat any mention ov cheeze would gets 
hims attention straight away! one night i rememba sneekin into hims kitchen and eatin hims cheeze
hee hee him waz not happy abouts it, but see him always thought it waz dat mouse in
da wall, but really it waz always mee......

az i look back i realize dat Slip did see da world much more clearly dan mee did, 
even doe Slip waz blind, him neva let dat stop him from beings brave and strong,
and havin da answers for all da millions ov questions i had.

but az time goes on, all ov us iggys wee doos age, and i would see Slip less and less,
but even doe i didn't sees him az often i always thought ov him every day.
and i knew in mees heart dat one day Slip would leave and go on to 
anotha place, a place filled wif flowers and smells and gardens and squirrles, 
where him can run again and see again and feel da sun on hims face and bee free ov pain.

this time haz come........
the time were i hasta say goodbye to mees bestist freind....

i write dis through tears, tears i haven't been able to hold back for days.
tears dat flow for hims mommy and her loss.. and for Slip and hims whole family.
for da loss ov Slip's mommys dear hooman daddy, who haz also crossed ova........ 
and for da recent loss ov Slip's fursis.... *sobs*

who would have eva thought dat a freind da yoo haz neva met in person would
touch yoos heart so deeply.......
i can tell you......Slip and hims mommy are very much a part ov mees family,
da family i have made right here on twitta.
lovin and undastandin dis family i haz iz more precious to mee dan gold.
more precious dan da air i breeve.....

i leave yoo wif dis poem.........

togetha again........
ova da bridge yoo find yooself
not alone, not sad, but whole again.......

to run, to play, to see da sun
yoos pain iz gone, yoos hurts undone....

wee miss yoo here, its hard yoo see
but in Gods hands iz where yoo need to bee...

run free dear Slip and rememba us
someday wee will meet and oh wot a fuss...

wee will play and dance and sing a song
for dat day we will know we are all right where wee belong.....
togetha again....

luv yoo buddy xoxox
till wee meet again.....

in memory ov Slipper Thurston

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

as yoo look into der eyes....

greener pastures

az i look around mees beautiful home and all da comforts mee haz,
and az i look into da eyes ov mees brofur who i knows don't sees mee all dat well
i think ov all does animals out der sufferin....

i knows dat i could let it consume mee and fill mee wif sadness every day
but i choose to think ov da good dat iz beings done out der.
a little no kill shelter in a small town brings in babies from all ova,
dem look on Craigs list dem looks in da paper, dem goes to kill shelters and dey finds people to volunteer to bring dem babies to da little no kill shelter, where dem iz given care by vets dat care so much for
der wellbeings. dees same babies iz den placed in foster where dem learn love....

don't forget all da good dat iz goin on, i knows it bee easy to bee consumed by
da evil dat becomes some ov us, but i sees so much good out der, mee sees hoomans
comin togetha to help stop da abuse, mee sees petitions and donations and hoomans
so passionate about wot dem doos dem would walk out into
traffic to save a family ov ducks like mees dad did...

da pain wee have in our hearts drives dis evalastin passion for change...

one day, one day in da future things will bee different,
hoomans will realize dat all God's creatures are precious and deserve to bee
luved and treated wif respect.

mee writes dis today as mees eyes fill up wif tears for does dat neva got a chance.
for does babies i will foreva keep in mees heart. 
dis keeps mee focused and keeps mee doin wot i can to help,
even if it bee just one animal at a time.

and to does dat help bring dees babies out ov da darkness and into da light i thank yoo
i thanks yoo everyday...

luv Vincent Rocket