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Monday, December 23, 2013

wot Christmas means to mee...

az da bustle ov Christmas iz at its highest peak, hoomans rushin for last 
minute presents and things to fill stockings and children s anticipation ov Santa
comin, mommy reminds mee and Gino dat Christmas in our 
family iz a celebration.

da celibration ov da birth ov our Savior Jesus Christ.
now mee and Gino doesn't really unda stand it all but
everyday mommy tells us wee must bee thankful and
dat Christmas can bees in yoos heart everyday, not only around
da holidays.

wee watch shows wif mommy and mommy explains all her can
to us about Jesus and how important him iz to us in our family.
her tells us to bee kind to one anotha and show compasion
and unda standin because dat wot Jesus would want us to doos.

and az a family wee must take da time to doo things for othas all through out da year not only
at Christmas time. and dat wee must remeba to bee thankful and give thanks everyday
to Jesus for all dat wee have.
 and dat wee mustn't forget to look to 
him in good times az much az wee doos in bad times.

az mee thinks ov all da things mommy haz told mee and Gino, mee thinks
dat dis Jesus guy waz pretty sooper, like a sooper hero!

dis wot wee believe in mees family and mommy tells us dat otha hoomans 
believes in different things and dat iz sooper too because Jesus has taught our family to respect all da different beliefs ov everyone all ova da world.

one thing mee iz certain ov doe iz dat woteva yoo believe iz just sooper
because az long az you are at peace wif yooself dat wot iz important.

but Christmas to mee and mees family isn't about wot wee get Christmas mornin
it bee about wot Jesus means to us and dat wee iz thankful dat him iz in our hearts.

aldoe mee doos like new toys and mee doos like Santa! 
mee will
rememba wot mommy teach us. 
and rememba to bee thankful every day for mees 
family and mees freinds and all dat bees beautiful in da world

Merry Christmas 
and Happy Holidays!!

yoos freind Vincent Rocket....

wif dis i leave yoo a song by mees mommy...
it not a Christmas song but a song written by Collin Raye
called In Dis Life..
it an important meaningful song to mees mom.
we give thanks for all ov yoos for beings our freinds
thanks yoo

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