welcome to mees bloggy i hopes yoo enjoy mees adventures as much as i likes havin dem :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

mee and Gino spend Holiday time wif Auntie Emma and Uncle Andy!

so some ov yoos may know dat wee had visitors from da UK dis weekend!
wee has been lookin forward to dis visit all year long!

most ov mees pals knows Holly and Harry and knows wot great anipals dey bees!
but did yoos all know too dad der mom and dad iz sooper great hoomans??
let mee tell yoo dem iz! deys da bestsist!

when dem did comes wee did all sit on da floor and did open pressies!!!
mee and Gino gots da best gifts eva!!

check out da skull collars!! and doesnt dat picture looks just like mee??
Uncle Andy givin us rubbins and fussins!!
i thinks i was smellin hims eye here hee hee :)
i was lettin him touch mee can yoo believes it!!!
wee luvs our uncle Andrew!!!
him was on da floor playin wif us da whole time yay!!!
Gino givin dad chooches!!
dis Auntie Emma took ov mee BOL!
i was close to da camera!!
Uncle Andy and Gino pass out on da couch BOL!!
Gino and Auntie Emma snugglin on da couch!
i was lettin dem fuss mee can yoo believes it!!
i luvs dem! and mom was givin Gino chooches!
wee had da best time eva!
and wee bees lookin forward to da next time wee sees dem!
thanks yoo Auntie Emma and Uncle Andrew for comin to
sees us and bringin us such wonderful gifts! 
but da best gift ov all was just beings able to spend da 
day wif yoo both! 
thanks for spendin yoos Christmas wif us!
wee luvs yoo both very much!
Merry Christmas to yoo all and yoos families!!

Mee and Ginos visit wif Uncle Jeff and cousin Alyssa

so last weekend mees Uncle Jeff and mees cousin Alyssa cames to
doos visitin wif us!

wee all had a sooper time, dem came ova a couple ov nights and one ov da
nights dem did even sleeps here!

wees gots lots ov fussins and cuddles and wees did play toys
wif dem too!

mee lettin Alyssa doos cuddlin wif mee

Gino gettin rubbins and cuddles from Alyssa
da night dem stayed ova mom and dad and Jeff and Alyssa
did goes downtown to pawty.
mee and Gino did stay home doe cuz dem said dem was gonna
doos a pub crawl whatevea da iz!
i gots da feelin it wouldnt bees somethin i would wanna doos anyways BOL!

and as tradition wood haves it dem got der pictures taken
in front ov Rosies Cafe!
not yet drunk hee hee ;)
mom and Alyssa at da Chick a Boom Room!
afta dem left der dem when up to da Irish Pub and did doos singin ov Irish
songs and mom had to drives dem home cuz mees dad and uncle
Jeff was a bit unda da weatha! BOL!

Gino gets more fussins!
so dat night mom and dad did lock mee and Gino in da bedroom wif dem so
wee wouldnt disturbs our company wile dem waz sleepin.
and yoos know wot!!
dat brofur Gino ov mine did cry and cry and cry and wanted out so him
could sleeps wif Alyssa!
as soon as dad opened da door him shot out and jumped in da be wif her unda
da covers! 
him luvs company like no otha!

wee all had a sooper time and would very much likes to thanks dem for
comin down to spend der Holiday season wif us!
wees all luv yoos very much!

sees yoo all next time!!! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

as tears fall.....

normalys i doesnt doos bloggy posts on anythin in da news but
today i was struck down and paralyzed by da violence dat haz befallen
Sandy Hook Elementary Skool

in my reflection in da mirror i looks and i sees nothin but
innocence and a zest for life.
i believes all does small souls dat haz been lost today
may have looked in da mirror dis mornin and thought da same......
only to be gone, der dreams neva come to pass...

i have no wise words, i have no answers, i haves nothin
dat i can say to makes dis easier on does dat have been 
affected by dis terrible tragedy but
i has prayers......

so i pray for peace i pray for luv and understandin
i pray for a world where hooman children can bees safe
and free from harm....

i pray for all da children ov da world....

i pray for no more wars....

i pray for humanity...

i pray wee all learn to undastand eachotha
and respect eachothas differences.....

i pray for hope and change........

i pray God hears my prayers and all does ov da suffering...

*bows head*

Thursday, December 13, 2012

walkies and a new friend

 so dis past weekend wees did doos are usual walkies downtown.
wee had lost ov fun sniffin and weein and meetin new hoomans.
but as wee was finishin up our walkies wees did walk by one ov
da out door nommin places and did sees and IGGY!!

so yoos know my mom hers had to takes us ova to says hi!

wees did meets Pogo and hims hoomans, dey was all very nice
and i thinks Pogo had a great name too!
yoos know like Pogo Stick!
probably named him dat cuz him jumps up and down! 

all ov us doin sniffins!
hee hee all in all it was a sooper day!
anytime mee and Gino gets to meets a new Iggy friend its a great day!

thanks for comin on my weekend journey wif mee!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

me and Gino's vist wif Santa

me Gino and Santa!
so dis weekend wee did goes to see Santa at Pet Smart!
dey was having a fundraiser and me and Gino thoughts dis would 
bees da perfect time to talk wif Santa abouts our Christmas list!

so we packed up mom and dad and wees took dem ova to da store!
on our ways in wees did gets loads ov fussins and cuddles and 
oooh's and aaaah's

den wees did goes stand in line to pays for ours pictures
and whew dat took a while but wees did meets lots ov new friends
dat wanted to knows if wee was Whippets! 

so den finally wees did gets in an gots our fancy Christmas collars
on and den wees did first sniff Santa and makes sure him was ok. 
 i personal thinks him smelled a bit like whiskey but mom
assured me dat him was ok!

den up on hims lap wee went! and aldoe most ov me friends
gots to sees da great picture dat wee took, none ov
yoo gots to sees da bloopers!! 

so here dem iz! as yoo will notice Gino was perfect every time,
him iz a total ham!
but me wif me well known ADHD had a bit ov trouble stayin focused
hee hee ;)

for dis one i shut mee eyes, i thinks dat it woz because i was
a bit sleepy at dis point! aldoe Santa did squeeze me a bit hard here
hee hee :)

in dis one i really was starting to gets a bit anxious ov da whole thing
so i was lookin around for otha things to keeps me mind off ov dis
guy in da red suite!

well at dis point my ADHD took ova completely!
i believes der was a toy on da rack ova der dat gots
me attention but ov course i cant bee sures.

so dat was our visit wif Santa and i was glad wees went!
wee all felt sooper great about beings able to helps
pets in need at Christmas time and to knows dat
half ov da proceeds wents to helps da rescue pups 
and kitties did fill all our hearts wif joy!

thanks yoo for comin on our adventure too sees Santa!