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Scary stories by Vincent Rocket

 da Boy Scout Cabin

dis story i gonna tell you iz troo!
and i tell you it one ov da spooky ones!

on a mountain side in Eastern Pa. der a place called Macungie Grove.
at da top ov dis mountian der a little wooden shack called 
da Boy Scout Cabin.

dis place was feared by all da local children in da area.

now many many years ago der was a small childs body found
in dis cabin and da story goes dat der was an evil witch dat lived
in da woods der dat had killed dis hooman child!

most da hooman kids in da area would dare eachotha to go up to da cabin
and look in da windows.
one time my hooman mommy went to dat cabin and said dis was one
ov da most scary things her eva did!

da place was run down and covered in weeds and brambles.
her had a sense dat somthin was very wrong wif dis place!

as her crept up to look in da window her saw a shadow inside da
cabin dat moved!!!!!
it moved i tell you!!!
her jumped back, and ran!!!

scared to def her ran da whole way back down da mountain side 
wif all her friends runnin behind her! 
dey was afraid  for der lives!!

da Boy Scout Cabin iz empty most say but i do tell you 
my mom say it iz not!
someone still lives in da Boy Scout Cabin on da top ov da 
mountain in Macungie Grove......

de end

da Dynamite Shack

once again we goes back to Macungie Grove.
dis place as you can tell steams wif history and folk lore.

at da base ov da Macungie Mountian der iz a red barn dat da old
folks say was once filled wif dynamite. 
 dynamite dat dey used to clear 
a path up da mountian side to build da Water Shed.

da Water Shed iz another story doe for another day.....

dis Dynamite Shack was a well known place for local kids to hang out and
pawty. but der was always a feelin about dis place, a feelin dat would cause
da furs to stand up on da back ov your neck!

even doe all da kids hung out der to drink and pawty my hooman mom neva really
liked to meet der and would always find excuses why her couldn't join her friends.

one night doe her went der wif her friends and dey had a bon fire.
dey was always watchful doe cuz sometimes da Po Po would cruze up der
checkin for norty hooman kids.

dey had a quite a night der dat night pawtyin and listen to music 
when all ov a sudden some hooge
hooman man
did come burstin out ov da woods screamin at dem
and threatin dem!!

dis hooman was scary and big and totally like a monster!
him was dirty and smelled bad and him drug hims foot when him ran!!!

him screamed at all da kids includin my mom and told dem if dey eva came back der 
dey would all be sorry!

da hooman kids includin my mom ran! 
dey ran as fast as dey could to get away from da scary hooge hooman man wif da limp!

no one eva found out who dat man was and many tried to find out!

maybe him lived in da woods behind da Dynamite Shack....

maybe he lived in it!........

da end

Sheep rock

dis next story once again takes us to Macungie Grove.

at da very top ov da Macungie Mountian iz a place called Sheep Rock.
dis place iz a long hike up da woods but once you gets der it beautiful
and you can see for miles and miles across da Lehigh Valley.

once when my hooman mommy was younger her and her bestist friend
took a walk up da mountian side to sit on da top ov Sheep Rock.

now everyone haz told dem dat if you turn around just at the right spot
on your way up and look at da Sheep Rock from just da right 
angle you can sees a perfect Indians Head in da rock formation.

now me hooman mommy had taken many hikes up to dat rock and her had neva seen
dis so called Indian Head. but on dis particular day der was somthin 
different, somthin different about da woods......

*plays scary music*

on da way up her and her best friend looked and looked to see if dey 
could see dis Indian Head, but dey didn't, so dey went up to da top
ov da rock and sat and enjoyed da view for a while.

afta dey was done dey started makin der way back down da trail
and der was a strange chillin feelin dat came ova my hooman mom and her
bestist freind at da exact same time!!!

and dey turned around........

and der it was! a perfect Indian Head formation in da rock!
headdress and all!!!!

dis scared dem so bad dat dey got dis feelin togetha and saw dis at
da exact same time dat dey both got sooper spooked and ran da whole
way back down da mountain!! 
never again to return to 
Sheep Rock!!!!!

as you can see me hooman mom did doos lots ov runnin when her was young!

da end

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