welcome to mees bloggy i hopes yoo enjoy mees adventures as much as i likes havin dem :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

da visit wif me aunti Jacki and Allison

Aunti Jacki and me dad

so dis past week was sooper fun!
i did hangs out wif me auntie Jacki and her small hooman child Allison
we did do playins at home and den wees went down town Dunedin and
wee did lots ov walkies and sniffins and wees.

Auntie Jacki and Allison
dem hoomans did all gets some ice cream cones too! but me and Gino didn't gets none
which i thinks was quite rood!
but on our walkies wee did meets some nice hoomans from da UK
and dey was talkin lots wif mom abouts der rescued Greyhounds and 
how much dey missed dem while dey was gone, but i thinks dey really liked
me and Gino and maybe seeins us made it easier on dem
so dey didnt miss der hounds so much.
*says awwww*

Aunti Jacki, Allison and Gino and me mom
it was a sooper few days and i luvs me aunti and her hooman child very much!
last time dem was here i hid in da bedroom most da time cuz i was
quite scared of da small hooman child, but dis time i actually let her give me belly rubs!
normallys i doos charge a $1.00 a peace for dees belly rubs but
dat day i gaves dem out for free!
hee hee dont tell no ones doe cuz i doos have a rep to protect!

Gino on da otha hand gives out all hims belly rubs to everyone for free
him haz yet to learn da value ov a dollar!

luv yoo aunti Jacki and Allison
thanks yoo for comin to visit me and Ginobagadonuts!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Iggy Play Date

so da otha day me and Gino's wents to an Iggy Play Date
at da park neers our house it was sooper fun and we gots 
some great pics yay!

everyone was havins so much fun!

hee hee der was lots ov big Iggy's der!

der Gino makin friends yay!


mom fell in luv AGAIN!
mom say lucky dat iggy has a foreva home! oh boy!

ders me makin sure der no zombies around!
Gino met a GIRL!!!
dey was togetha da whole time!!
her was sooper cute!
major sniffins goin on dat day!
ders me standin guard again, i hasta watch out for dees Iggy's!
 so dat woz me day at da park wif me brofur Gino
we had a sooper time and can't waits till dey has
anotha one close by again yay!