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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Casey Wif Santa!!!!

sorry it bees takin mee so long to bloggy but mee and mees
family been so sooper busy enjoyin life dat i doesnt gets on much!!

but let mee tell yoo somethin dat will makes all does dat have
followed Casey and #caseyscause ova da last year jump wif joy!

mees freind Casey az wee all know had hims lung removed and 
i iz sooper happy to tell everyone dat him iz really doin great!!

hims foster mom haz made da decision to adopt Casey and 
makes him part ov her family foreva!!!!

dis bees such great news for Casey!! anotha Iggy in a happy
lovin home!!!

aldoe words cant express how grateful wee iz for all da donations
and support and letters and cards dat Casey haz gotten
ova da last year, know dis!
wifout all ov yoos wonderful lovin hoomans and anipals out
der dis may neva have been possible!

thanks yoo for everythin!
i will contnue to keeps in touch wif Caseys mom so dat wee can
all bee parts ov hims journey through life!
Luv yoos!

now wif all dat said please enjoy dees pictures ov Casey wif Santa!!!