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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Casey Update!!

here be an update from Casey's foster mommy!


Casey Sings!!
here is one of Casey singing his heart out. he sings now about 5-6 times a day now and sooooooo loud!! he is just a bundle of energy. still can't have his dental yet. vet says not at least until end of October. his lung he has left has to be really healthy and strong and they want the space left by the lung removed has filled in. so hopefully the end of october first of november he can have his dental. 

Casey is doing very well. we bought him a really fun squeaky toy. i tried to get pictures of him tonite playing with it. If you hit it on the floor it bounces really high and he runs and jumps in the air to catch it. he is so quick i was unable to get a picture maybe tommorrow when my husband is here. i think everyday that i can't imagine him getting more playful but it seems like everyday he does. i wanted to have a dental done soon but the vet says no not yet. he wants to make sure the space where is lung was fills in nicely and he wants to make sure the good lung is in the best condition it can be in before we put him under. he won't think about a dental until at least end of october. his teeth aren't real bad. we got lucky he has really nice teeth for an ig! yay! he is still in love with his kitty Maggie. Maggie thinks she is a dog and also thinks the whole world revolves around her. she plays with Casey and Casey loves it. they chase each other. i was worried at first but Casey is sooo very careful not to run over her. its really cute! so all in all Casey is doing better then everyone expected but all that we hoped for. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

me Gino and our dad.....

dis me dad :)
some ov you may knows dat i haz one of da greatest dads on earth but
maybe yous dont know alots about him so
i would likes to tell you a little bit abouts me dad and wot him means
to our family.....

me dad neva met an IG before him met me mom, him didnt knows
wot we even was, can you beleeves dat!!??
but as da years past him has comes to luv Italian Greyhounds like
him luvs no otha breed. even doe we drives him crazy sometimes!

me dad iz a big dude! hims ova 6 feets tall and hims bald! hee! hee!
also me dads covered in tattoos and still addin to dem!
me dad luvs hard head bangin music just like me and 
sometimes when him rocks out wif dat music i bang me head too 
or kill me toys!

me dad iz also sooper silly and will for no reason wot soeva will
start dancin and shakin his hiney in da livinroom!
maybe dat were i gets it from! hee! hee!

me dad also luvs to rides hims bike and do exercisin, him always at da gym!
me sads sooper good at writtin and has a talent dat comes naturally
toos him. me dad also has a great singings voice, mom thinks
him sounds just like Richard Thompson! 

dad doos play wif me and Gino every night afta dinner!
every night him gets down on da floor wif us and plays toys and lets us lick
hims bald head, dis da best part ov da day for sure!

but da best thing abouts me dad iz him iz da heart ov our family.
him doos all him can to makes our lives comfortable and filled wif luv everyday.
him neva stops beings a dad and takes care ov mommy and 
me and Gino when wees poorly.

even doe me and Gino cants tells dad wif words how much we luvs him
we lets him know wif big tail wags and kisses and lickings ov hims bald head! 
BOL! ;)

dad has been here for our family through da good times and da bad, and 
yoos know wot! him always will be! him iz da foundation ov our family
and da reason we iz all so happy.

so wif all dis said i would likes to say to me dad somthin.......

you iz da best dad! you fills our life wif joy and you always put us first,
we dont say thank you much but we wants you to knows dat 
wifout you and your luv for us we would not knows how wonderful
life can be.

thanks dad, thanks for beings here, thanks for beings me and Ginos
foreva hooman daddy.