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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Casey Update!!

here be an update from Casey's foster mommy!


Casey Sings!!
here is one of Casey singing his heart out. he sings now about 5-6 times a day now and sooooooo loud!! he is just a bundle of energy. still can't have his dental yet. vet says not at least until end of October. his lung he has left has to be really healthy and strong and they want the space left by the lung removed has filled in. so hopefully the end of october first of november he can have his dental. 

Casey is doing very well. we bought him a really fun squeaky toy. i tried to get pictures of him tonite playing with it. If you hit it on the floor it bounces really high and he runs and jumps in the air to catch it. he is so quick i was unable to get a picture maybe tommorrow when my husband is here. i think everyday that i can't imagine him getting more playful but it seems like everyday he does. i wanted to have a dental done soon but the vet says no not yet. he wants to make sure the space where is lung was fills in nicely and he wants to make sure the good lung is in the best condition it can be in before we put him under. he won't think about a dental until at least end of october. his teeth aren't real bad. we got lucky he has really nice teeth for an ig! yay! he is still in love with his kitty Maggie. Maggie thinks she is a dog and also thinks the whole world revolves around her. she plays with Casey and Casey loves it. they chase each other. i was worried at first but Casey is sooo very careful not to run over her. its really cute! so all in all Casey is doing better then everyone expected but all that we hoped for. 

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