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Saturday, October 6, 2012

My brofur Gino and me says thanks!

so as many ov you may knows my brofur Gino has been very
poorly dis week. we neva really did find out for sures wot it was
but da doctor seems to think him
maybe did pick up somthin bad in da yard and eats it.
which wouldn't surprise me cuz goodness sakes dat brofur ov
mine him doos eat everythin!
Gino restin
so we has been nursin him back to health slowly and yesterday mornin
was da test cuz if him didn't seem betta him would have to go back
to sees da doctor!

so later on dat night Gino did have sooper bad poos and mom was
worried cuz him just didn't seem like him was gettin well fast enough,
so her called Dr John in da mornin and him did give Gino 3 new meds to take.

in da middle ov da night Gino did have a #pooclub accident but 
mommy cleaned it up and gave Gino hims meds and went back to bed.
so dis mornin Gino feels much betta yoos can just tell by da 
way him iz prancin instead ov walkin wif hims head down.

Gino feelin betta
so i would likes to take da time to thanks all me and Gino's pals dat has been 
sendin me brofur Gino well wishes and prayers, and for all dem 
dat has been sittin on #Ginosporch all week!
we both luv you all so much and can't thank yoos enough for beings
here for our family........

i send you all my Iggy kisses and Gino sends kisses and hims smelly gasses!
hee hee dat just hims way ov sayin thanks ;)


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  1. Hai Vincent! I just followed you on twitter and its furry nice to meets you and your brofur. Sorry to hear Gino was feeling so sicks, glad to hear is on his way to gettings better. Sending healing Purrrrrrrrrrrrrs