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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cori's Haunted Hay Ride

helpin our anipal friend Cori Berman at da #BarnPawty

we iz still helpin Cori raise moneys for medical bills so if yoo can chip in
dat be great no amount iz to small!
yoo can read abouts Cori here!

well as many ov yoo know we had Cori's Haunted Hay ride dis past Friday
and i wanna tell ya it was totally pawsome!
we all had a sooper time!

we had a haunted hay ride and saw many scary ghouls

some ov dees scary things wee saw scared me so much i peed!!

der was ov course grave yards, we was just waiting for da zombies to 
comes out!!

dis house was one ov da things we saw on da ride and dat brofur
ov mine Gino did go up to dis house even doe i told him not too and him did tick tack!!!

and dis guy! jeez him did chase us just about da whole way, i sure dis da guy
i heard in the woods dat night around da bon fire!

dees nice hoomans i thinks was havin a weddin or somthin!

i was sure my mom wasnt invited to dis pawty but hey der her was
hangin out in da woods!

and den we did loose Cori for a while we was worried and den der him
was walkin around da marsh! him looked a little zombish!!

den we did go back to da barns and did some serious pawtin!

der was great noms and drinks too!
here be some ov da noms and drinks dat we enjoyed!

and plenty ov toons and dancin! we had lots ov prizes too dat anipals did win!

den Cori and Shelly and Pippy did bob for apples!

when it did get dark we did hang around da bon fire and roast marshmallows an hot dogs
and make smores and tell scary stories too!

here be some ov da scary stories dat were told at da 

all in all it was a fantastic pawty and i would very much like to thank
all dat were involved to makes dis happen! da pawty planners and picturemakers and
 da Prizemasters and da DJ's and da
and all does dat attended and donated!

thank yoo for makin Cori and hims family have an easier time wif things!
and thank yoo for makin dis pawty TREND! 
it was TRENDING i tell ya!


luv ya Cori glad dat we could all be part ov your special day 

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