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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Joey da Iggy ...


hi everybody!
i haz a new freind dat mee wants to introduce yoos all to!
hims name iz Joey!

Joey haz been through alot and hims now in da wonderful
care of da Italian Greyhound Rescue ov Florida.
but little Joey needs our helps!

as yoos all know da rescue get its funds from donations from hoomans likes yoo
and when ders Iggys like Joey dat need extensive care it puts a hooge
tax on da funds dat helps otha Iggys in da rescue.

so for dems to bees able to helps all dees Iggys dem needs special hoomans just like yoo
to dig in da couch and yoos pockets and pull out wot eva yoo can!
every little bit helps and no amount iz to small!

mee prays and hopes dat one day der will bees no Iggys dat don't have
foreva homes but until dat day wee gonna doos woteva
it takes to makes sure da ones in foster care gets da care dem needs when 
dem needs it.

please read abouts Joey here and please help if yoo can!

and me ask for one more thing...... please keeps all da babies in foster care and does
dat are homeless in yoos thoughts and prayers for dey just like does ov
us dat all ready have luvin homes need luv too, and blankies and pillows and toys and treets and snuggles 
and walkies and noms and oh well yoo knows wot i mean! xoxox

cheers to mees new pal Joey!
may yoo heal and one day run like da wind!

thanks yoo and please share hims story wif da world