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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mee and Ginos visit wif Uncle Jeff and cousin Alyssa

so last weekend mees Uncle Jeff and mees cousin Alyssa cames to
doos visitin wif us!

wee all had a sooper time, dem came ova a couple ov nights and one ov da
nights dem did even sleeps here!

wees gots lots ov fussins and cuddles and wees did play toys
wif dem too!

mee lettin Alyssa doos cuddlin wif mee

Gino gettin rubbins and cuddles from Alyssa
da night dem stayed ova mom and dad and Jeff and Alyssa
did goes downtown to pawty.
mee and Gino did stay home doe cuz dem said dem was gonna
doos a pub crawl whatevea da iz!
i gots da feelin it wouldnt bees somethin i would wanna doos anyways BOL!

and as tradition wood haves it dem got der pictures taken
in front ov Rosies Cafe!
not yet drunk hee hee ;)
mom and Alyssa at da Chick a Boom Room!
afta dem left der dem when up to da Irish Pub and did doos singin ov Irish
songs and mom had to drives dem home cuz mees dad and uncle
Jeff was a bit unda da weatha! BOL!

Gino gets more fussins!
so dat night mom and dad did lock mee and Gino in da bedroom wif dem so
wee wouldnt disturbs our company wile dem waz sleepin.
and yoos know wot!!
dat brofur Gino ov mine did cry and cry and cry and wanted out so him
could sleeps wif Alyssa!
as soon as dad opened da door him shot out and jumped in da be wif her unda
da covers! 
him luvs company like no otha!

wee all had a sooper time and would very much likes to thanks dem for
comin down to spend der Holiday season wif us!
wees all luv yoos very much!

sees yoo all next time!!! :)

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