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Monday, December 24, 2012

mee and Gino spend Holiday time wif Auntie Emma and Uncle Andy!

so some ov yoos may know dat wee had visitors from da UK dis weekend!
wee has been lookin forward to dis visit all year long!

most ov mees pals knows Holly and Harry and knows wot great anipals dey bees!
but did yoos all know too dad der mom and dad iz sooper great hoomans??
let mee tell yoo dem iz! deys da bestsist!

when dem did comes wee did all sit on da floor and did open pressies!!!
mee and Gino gots da best gifts eva!!

check out da skull collars!! and doesnt dat picture looks just like mee??
Uncle Andy givin us rubbins and fussins!!
i thinks i was smellin hims eye here hee hee :)
i was lettin him touch mee can yoo believes it!!!
wee luvs our uncle Andrew!!!
him was on da floor playin wif us da whole time yay!!!
Gino givin dad chooches!!
dis Auntie Emma took ov mee BOL!
i was close to da camera!!
Uncle Andy and Gino pass out on da couch BOL!!
Gino and Auntie Emma snugglin on da couch!
i was lettin dem fuss mee can yoo believes it!!
i luvs dem! and mom was givin Gino chooches!
wee had da best time eva!
and wee bees lookin forward to da next time wee sees dem!
thanks yoo Auntie Emma and Uncle Andrew for comin to
sees us and bringin us such wonderful gifts! 
but da best gift ov all was just beings able to spend da 
day wif yoo both! 
thanks for spendin yoos Christmas wif us!
wee luvs yoo both very much!
Merry Christmas to yoo all and yoos families!!


  1. Oh what a wonderful time you and Gino had!!!! I hope you and your family have a GRRRRREAT holiday!!!

    1. thanks yoo Oz! it trooly was wonderful! Happy new year my freind! xoxox