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Thursday, December 13, 2012

walkies and a new friend

 so dis past weekend wees did doos are usual walkies downtown.
wee had lost ov fun sniffin and weein and meetin new hoomans.
but as wee was finishin up our walkies wees did walk by one ov
da out door nommin places and did sees and IGGY!!

so yoos know my mom hers had to takes us ova to says hi!

wees did meets Pogo and hims hoomans, dey was all very nice
and i thinks Pogo had a great name too!
yoos know like Pogo Stick!
probably named him dat cuz him jumps up and down! 

all ov us doin sniffins!
hee hee all in all it was a sooper day!
anytime mee and Gino gets to meets a new Iggy friend its a great day!

thanks for comin on my weekend journey wif mee!

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