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Friday, February 7, 2014

in memory ov Davids Best Mate

words seem to bees gone from mee tonight az da tears roll down mees
bloo furs.....

but mee will find da strength because David would want mee to bee strong.
him would want mee to write and find da words, and let da words flow
from mees broken heart.

David waz a hooge inspiration to mee, hims writin did give mee da
strength to start mees own bloggy and to find meeself in mees writins and mees poems.

mee neva thought mee could doos wot mee doos here but mee always looked
to David and saw him shine everyday through hims musin.

mee will always rememba him when mee writes now, all mee hasta doos iz
look to da stars and him will be shinin down givin me inspiration to keep on keepin on.

so many friends David had, all ova da world, it iz a troo blessin dat wee all
got to knows him and share hims life through da eyes ov hims mommy.
no one will eva doos it betta mee doos not thinks.

mee raises mees glass ov blooberry joose to yoo David! 
too yoos life and legacy, to yoos books and all da work yoo
and mommy did for all da hounds, for da laughs and da
luv yoo shared wif us all we salute yoo Prime Minister David!

thanks yoo for beings our friend..... :')

a poem by Vincent Rocket..
Luffly Brindles....

da sun shines da rain iz no where to bee found
today iz da perfect day for a brindle hound....

where yoo bee der will always bee sun
der will neva bee rain to wash yoos brindle's away...

yoo leave us behind but wee know in our hearts yoos runnin free
fast az da speed ov sound and full ov glee...

yoos wings dems not white like da typical hound
but brindle in color and and perfectly sound....

yoo fly higher dan most wif yoos brindle wings
deys strong and perfect, deys da wings ov da kings.....

cry not for does yoo haz left behind 
for yoo iz still wif dem yoos hearts foreva entwined....

wee luv yoo David yoo will neva bee forgot
yoos stories will bee wif us in books and in thought.......

fly high wif yoos beautiful brindle wings
for brindles iz da troo color ov kings.

yoos friend and fan 
Vincent Rocket


  1. Beautiful poem, Vinny. You are right, David has brindle wings for sure.

  2. He has left a legacy of love behind.
    If it were not for David's I would not haf larfed so much knaw lurned houndese.
    Oh how wee wills miss yoo David's yoo mayd us smyle ebreeday wid yor poos noos, weemails an yor mewsings budt yoo hafs lefs us wivs sooo menee happee memorees.
    Respekt too yoo ower fwend ans menee Hugs too yor muvva an sekretary Miss Becky.
    <3 <3 <3 Luvs fwom Rocky, Lady an toleggie David

  3. Vincent you are such a gifted writer and such a sensitive soul. I am so glad to know you.