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Thursday, September 26, 2013

goodbye mees bestist friend......

Slipper Thurston
i haz many things mee wanna say.....
it diffucult to see through da tears, but mee knows dat i hasta  doos it....
for meeself and for Slip and for hims mommy...
dis iz mees freind Slipper, mee always called him Slip doe.
az i look back to when wee first met i think ov him and it doos make mee smile.
Slip waz funny beyond words, him waz brave too...brave like a knight in shinnin armor!
mee knows too him waz a sooper hero, a sooper hero who taught mee so many things.

Slip and i would stay up long afta da hoomans went to bed and him and i would solve
da worlds problems, and da problems dat iggys sometimes come across in der life.
hims wise words and silly anticts would always make mee smile, for him knew
da world, him knew da world well, through eyes dat didn't see......

Slip luved cheez, if yoo knew Slip you knew dat any mention ov cheeze would gets 
hims attention straight away! one night i rememba sneekin into hims kitchen and eatin hims cheeze
hee hee him waz not happy abouts it, but see him always thought it waz dat mouse in
da wall, but really it waz always mee......

az i look back i realize dat Slip did see da world much more clearly dan mee did, 
even doe Slip waz blind, him neva let dat stop him from beings brave and strong,
and havin da answers for all da millions ov questions i had.

but az time goes on, all ov us iggys wee doos age, and i would see Slip less and less,
but even doe i didn't sees him az often i always thought ov him every day.
and i knew in mees heart dat one day Slip would leave and go on to 
anotha place, a place filled wif flowers and smells and gardens and squirrles, 
where him can run again and see again and feel da sun on hims face and bee free ov pain.

this time haz come........
the time were i hasta say goodbye to mees bestist freind....

i write dis through tears, tears i haven't been able to hold back for days.
tears dat flow for hims mommy and her loss.. and for Slip and hims whole family.
for da loss ov Slip's mommys dear hooman daddy, who haz also crossed ova........ 
and for da recent loss ov Slip's fursis.... *sobs*

who would have eva thought dat a freind da yoo haz neva met in person would
touch yoos heart so deeply.......
i can tell you......Slip and hims mommy are very much a part ov mees family,
da family i have made right here on twitta.
lovin and undastandin dis family i haz iz more precious to mee dan gold.
more precious dan da air i breeve.....

i leave yoo wif dis poem.........

togetha again........
ova da bridge yoo find yooself
not alone, not sad, but whole again.......

to run, to play, to see da sun
yoos pain iz gone, yoos hurts undone....

wee miss yoo here, its hard yoo see
but in Gods hands iz where yoo need to bee...

run free dear Slip and rememba us
someday wee will meet and oh wot a fuss...

wee will play and dance and sing a song
for dat day we will know we are all right where wee belong.....
togetha again....

luv yoo buddy xoxox
till wee meet again.....

in memory ov Slipper Thurston


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beloved furiend Vinny! You & Slip will always be #besties because he's waiting for the day you join him & you'll nom cheese together once more! Your poem made our eyes leaky.... May Slips family feel his love shining down on them form #SlipsStar - it will be the brightest star in the heavens tonight! ((HUGS)) & #ComfortingPurrs for yoo & Slip's family. Purrr purrr purrrrrrrrr

  2. oh Lily thanks yoo for dem comfortin words, mee luvs yoo so much xoxox

  3. Vincent, your poem is so sweet and tender. I can feel the love when I read it. When I think of Slip I think of you, too. When I imagine him romping around now, pain free and able to see, I can practically hear him begging me to tell you, "Cheezes is here!" I'm not sure to what, exactly, he is referring but he sounds happy and radiant. I miss him like you can't believe. I feel like my world has gone from technicolor to black & white. I was so lucky to have found him. He was my heart's farmer. He tended it and cared for it and made it and me grow and grow.

    1. mees iz so glad yoo liked mees poem, mee hopes yoo finds some comfort in mees writin, Slip waz da most perfect freind, yoo iz so very lucky to have had him in yoos life. i feel dat same feelin yoo haz, mee thinks dat all da luv and energy him had iz all taken up to light hims beautiful bright star in da sky, maybe dat bee why it seems less bright here on earth. :'( please know wee all luv yoo very much and wees here for yoo always...
      and mee iz sure too dat him haz all da cheez him could eva want! :)

      yoos friend
      Vincent Rocket Richard Large

  4. A beautiful poem and a wonderful tribute to your friend Vincent.