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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

as yoo look into der eyes....

greener pastures

az i look around mees beautiful home and all da comforts mee haz,
and az i look into da eyes ov mees brofur who i knows don't sees mee all dat well
i think ov all does animals out der sufferin....

i knows dat i could let it consume mee and fill mee wif sadness every day
but i choose to think ov da good dat iz beings done out der.
a little no kill shelter in a small town brings in babies from all ova,
dem look on Craigs list dem looks in da paper, dem goes to kill shelters and dey finds people to volunteer to bring dem babies to da little no kill shelter, where dem iz given care by vets dat care so much for
der wellbeings. dees same babies iz den placed in foster where dem learn love....

don't forget all da good dat iz goin on, i knows it bee easy to bee consumed by
da evil dat becomes some ov us, but i sees so much good out der, mee sees hoomans
comin togetha to help stop da abuse, mee sees petitions and donations and hoomans
so passionate about wot dem doos dem would walk out into
traffic to save a family ov ducks like mees dad did...

da pain wee have in our hearts drives dis evalastin passion for change...

one day, one day in da future things will bee different,
hoomans will realize dat all God's creatures are precious and deserve to bee
luved and treated wif respect.

mee writes dis today as mees eyes fill up wif tears for does dat neva got a chance.
for does babies i will foreva keep in mees heart. 
dis keeps mee focused and keeps mee doin wot i can to help,
even if it bee just one animal at a time.

and to does dat help bring dees babies out ov da darkness and into da light i thank yoo
i thanks yoo everyday...

luv Vincent Rocket

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