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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Donn from Tennessee

mees homeless friend Donn from Tennessee
today mommy went to da produce store and her saw Donn again!!
her went ups to Donn and said hi to him! him remembered her and
him told her him could neva forgets da red head wif da red truck who helped him last time.
hee hee her waz very flattered!

dem chatted for a while and her asked him if him needed anythin
and him said no. well mee mom said "don't worry Donn i find yoo somthin"
dem excanged names but him doos have a hard time rememberin names so
mom told him to rememba da Red Lory Bird since her a red head him thought him could remember.
him knew wot a red Lory waz him so smart!!
even doe mom don't spell her name dat way it ok :)

Red Lory
so mom told Donn to wait for her till her waz done shoppin and him said him would.
her finished her shoppin and came back out to greet Donn.
mom didn't knows Donn didn't haves no teef so her had bought lots ov fruit
for him but him said him couldn't chews it :(
but her also gots him a soft loaft ov bread and a can ov pop open soup for him
to have noms for dinner tonight. oh and mom gaves Donn a new lighter for hims cigarettes to light wif!
him waz so very grateful! but him told mom him don't need her to give him things
every time her sees him, most ov all him just wants to have a friend.

 dem talked and talked and talked and him told her abouts hims family
dat him haz, but dem don't see him it very sad.
him waz very proud ov hims childeren and said dat dey waz all
very well off. dis makes mom sad doe because why dey abandon him?
her doesn't know and her didn't ask it not her place to question Donn about
how him got to dis dark place. maybe one day him tell her but it wouldn't
matta anyways cuz her would neva judge him.

dem talked abouts tattoos and dogs and God
da important stuff! BOL!

one thing dat made mees mom very sad waz dat him haz so much trouble
livin on da street. da Po Po iz always nasty to him and him can only stay on da sidewalk if 
him steps off hims in troubles. mee iz aloud off da sidewalk even! :(

if only more would be more carin and compassionate to da homeless da world would
bees a better place. dey hoomans! deys real peoples wif lives dat are
just as important az anyone elses. dat wot mee thinks.

one thing mom noticed when dem waz talkin was da looks
ov disgust from passer buys. it very sad how some view da homeless it very sad indeed.

so mee thoughts and prayers go out to Donn and to all da homeless hoomans
on da earth. pray for dem keep dem in your thoughts when yoos warm 
in yoos house wif full bellys.
say hello to dem yoo may just make der days a little brighter.

thanks yoo xoxo


  1. Vincent, you has a very kind mom,.

  2. thanks yoo her doos wot her can :), it hard for so many xoxo

  3. Your mom is very nice! Those who look with distain on the homeless may find themselves in that same situation. Thank goodness for people in this world, like your mom, who truly care!

    1. Thanks yoo! all people iz important, wee iz very blessed to have Donn az our friend. :-)

    2. Thanks yoo! all people iz important, wee iz very blessed to have Donn az our friend. :-)