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Monday, February 11, 2013


gosh i sooper embarassed to bees bloggin about Christmas dis late 
but i wanted to shares wif yoo all mees Christmas day!

Christmas mornin waz sooper pawsome! wee gots up sooper early and did open
pressies straight away!

Gino and mee say Christmas iz da best time ov da year!!

sillly daddy him gots a watch dat all him eva wants him easy to shop for  hee hee :)
mom doos have good taste dat for sure!
here bees mee openin mees pressies! i doos it all meeself!
i gots a big snake!!!!
Gino waz really not luvin dis Santa Suite him waz mad BOL!
and wee gots an HONKTAPUS!!!!
Gino really tooks a likin to dis honktapus him was shakin it and squeekin it!!
den it attacked him!!!!!!! it wrapped all around him and squirted its ink!!!!!
wee was very supprized by dis and den i had to shows dat Honktapuss hoos boss
i shook him and shook him till him realized dat mee and Gino waz da boss ov him!
now him nows hims place dat for sure!

thanks for sharin dis wif mee! I sorry it so late but really it
Christmas every day at mees house and every day da spirit ov Christmas bees in mees heart!
luv yoos xoxox



  1. WOW you are soooo lucky to have Christmas every day at your house. Great pictures.

    1. Thanks yoo mees friend!! i sooper lucky and lucky to have yoo as mees friend too xoxo :-)