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Thursday, February 14, 2013

da homeless bicycle man....

as mommy went about her shoppin and daily chours today, her met a homless man.....

on her way out of da produce stand her noticed him standin along da bulidin for it waz rainin and him was
der stayin out ov da rain.

her loaded her car and quickly got inside to gets out ov da rain.
her sat for sometime lookin out at da man wonderin wot hims life would bees like.

inside her her begain to fill up wif emotions as her watch so many walk by him and look away.
as her sat der her wondered wot it would bees like to not have a home, for mee and Gino and daddy to
not have a home. dis made her feel so sad for dis man.
who i might say neva once asked anyone who passed him for anythin.

mom grabbed an apple out ov her bags and dug a dollar from her purse and got out
ov da car.

as her approached da elderly man him seemed to withdraw from her.
but her approched him anyway reassurin him wif a smile, and as her handed him da apple and pushed da dollar into hims hand, her held hims hand for a moment and her asked out loud dat God be wif him and watch ova him always.

as mom turned around to head back to da car da man smiled and said God bless yoo child to mees mom.

mom returned to da car her was overwhelmed wif emotion, emotion for all da homeless
hoomans in da world.

next time yoo see a homless hooman dont forget dem is real peoples, dem had families once
dem maybee haz children and once had anotha life otha dan da one yoo see now.
take da time to say hello when passin please don't look away from dem. dey are real, dey are part ov humanity.



  1. Excellent post pal. It's so true. We are so fortunate to have warm homes with loving humans to take care of us. I can't imagine what we'd do if that were all taken away. M says it could happen to anyone actually!

  2. it sure could, dees poor hoomans, mees feels so bad for dem. wees very lucky. thanks yoo so much for likin mees post today xoxo :)

  3. Just recognizing & touching this man gave him the biggest gift. I try to acknowledge the "person " within. And the the universe for my blessings

    1. It waz very movin for mees mom her felt very touched by dis lovely man her met :)

    2. Oh Vinny! Dat story so touched our harts. Ur mommy izza angel! So sad for Mr Don. Life iz so hard for so many. Yer mom maked dis man feel speshul. <4

  4. Thanks yoo so very much AJ xoxo wee don't have much but wee doos have friendship to gives :)