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Friday, July 12, 2013

Attention Anipals! Hope Needs Our Help!!

please meet sweet darlin Hope

Hope must doos lost ov restin

Hopes Car ride..

Hopes Tubby day!
Hopes broken Pelvis 
please help mee help Hope!!!!

PPPR has da best vet and Hope iz gettin da best care! Da
 blood dat waz in her poops was caused from trauma, dem suspect her waz kicked and abused causin da broken pelvis. da way da bone iz broken reflects dat her waz kicked! Her doos not need surgery at dis time. Her iz on pain meds and antibiotics and will gets a series ov laser treatments ova da next 4-6 weeks on hers pelvic area. If yoo would likes to makes a donation to helps PPPR care for Hope yoo can call Partridge Animal Hospital at 
727-526-8700 and makes a donation to Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue for Hope! Xoxoxo thank yoo!!!! And thank yoo to Dr. Landers at Partridge Animal Hospital!!!

also if yoo would like to send a check to help Hope here bees da address:
Partridge Animal Hospital 
for PPPR on behalf of Hope's Medical Bills
6920 4th St North
St Petersburg Florida 33702

please help Hope get well, Jamie iz a good freind ov mine and doos so much for fur kids.
and please sent good thoughts and prayers to Hope for her will need dem to gets well

thanks yoo so much
luv yoos all 

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  1. Awwww that is so sad about that cute little doggie. You are a good pal to try to help. I'm purring for her and M said maybe in a few days she can help with a couple of $$.