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Monday, July 16, 2012

my date wift da lovely princess Daffy

dis iz da story ov my date wif Daffy and our adventure on dat magical night....

first i started off by havin to takes a tubby, jeez i even washed behinds my ears!
den i did gets dressed and hopped in da carriage and did drive my ponies ova to Daffy's house. 

I was very nervous cuz i had to meets her mom. her mom did answer da door and her was very nice and i did gives her a special bouquet of flowers dat i got just for her.

den Daffy came down and i tell ya i haz neva seen anythin quite as lovely as Daffy in da whole ov my life!
her was dressed in da dress a bought her and it fit her perfect! her was breath takin!

i did takes her paw and i did leads her out to our carriage, i think her liked da carriage too!

den Daffy and me did ride off in our horse and carriage, along da way we saw
many beautiful sights.... we saw cascading rivers and castles and lovely forests too!

den we arrived at da Renaissance Fair, hee hee her didn't know we was goin der and her told me dis was one ov her favorite places in da whole world! i was very please about dat!

so den Daffy and me did walks around da fair and we did do a bit ov shoppin! and we
founds dis tapestry dat was made just for us!! we could believe it so i did gets
it for her and we rolled it up and put it in da carriage!!

oh and we did make sure we stopped and had us some turkey legs!
dey was supper nom! and we ates wif our paws BOL!!

so den after we ate i told Daffy her had to close her eyes and i led her up da steps and
den i made her open her eyes to see, and wot did her see?? Jousting!!! can you believes it?!!
it was sooper cool we yelled and screamed and cheered and all our friends was der and we watched da Joust!

so den Daffy and me decided we wanted to do some Jousting so we went and
changed into armor!!

so we was changed and da crowd was cheering and blowin der horns 
and it was loud and fun and all our friends was cheerin us on! so Daffy went first! and her nailed dat guy rite to da ground! her was amazin! BOL!
den i went and knocked dat guy right off right on hims bum! hee hee.
we did do dis a couple times it was so much fun and i tell ya dat Daffy she a tough one,
i likes dat about her, she not afraid to get dirty and try somethin new!
also we did win dis Joust! and we gots to keep our ponies and 
all our armor too hee hee :)

so den Daffy and i did goes and change back into our costumes cuz we decided we
was very hungry afta all dat Jousting so we was goin to go have a nice quite dinner

da table dey put us at was lovely and we was all by ourselves it was very
romantic *giggling and blushing*

we had great noms!!
dis meet i still dont know wot it woz!
dees French toasties were de lish
and Daffy called dees Crumpits or Crimpits or sumthin hee hee dey was nom!
we was so full we shared one ov deez tarts it was nice to share wif Daffy :)
*blushing again*
oh and somthin to drink dat made us a bit silly BOL!!

so afta dinner we decided we was gonna go for a walk. i did pick dees flower for Daffy
dey was pritty but not near as pritty as her was dat for sure.

we walked for a while and came upon dis beautiful place, everythin was perfect!
Daffy was holdin my paw! *blushin deep red again*

ok so dis next part caused alots ov controversy, see der was dis kissing bridge
and i asked Daffy if her would like to go up der wif me and den all ov a 
sudden i turned around and Daffy was GONE!!!
i was in a panic! i called for her and called for her but her didnt answer and den
dees solders came and dey told me i was makin to much noise and dey
put me in da dungeons!! i tell you dis iz wot happened! it da troof!

 so den afta da soldgers let me out i did catch up wif Daffy and her told me
der was a TROLL dat snatched her and took her unda da bridge and 
kept her der and wouldnt let her go! can you beeve dis! gosh a TROLL!

so den Daffy and me we was late getting back to da party were da dancin and da
music was playin so we did hurry up and runs back to der so we could enjoys da 
band! and den her and i we did dance and dance and dance.....da night away....

so soon Daffy and me was both gettin sleepy so we made our way back
out of da fair and called for our horse and carriage to be brought up to us.
so we gots back in da carrage and left da fair paw in paw :)

along da way home we saw many more beautiful sights...

Daffy snuggled up close to me on da way home it was nice and she slipped
somthin in my paw, and her said "dis iz for you later", i iz puzzled buy dis, still to dis day.
it will a story for anotha day perhaps a continuation ov a fairy tail left unfinished.......

after her slipped dat little somthin in my paw it reminded me dat i got her
somthin at da fair and almost forgots to give it to her!
dis necklace reminded me ov her, so much, and i slipped it on her and clasped it around
her pritty neck. 

her and i talked for a bit before her went in da house and we agreed dat we
both had da most wonderful night eva. i hopes to take Daffy back someday to da fair and 
maybe next time her and i can walk onto dat kissin bridge, dat i tell ya iz somethin dis little IG boy
may dream abouts for a long time.....
thank you Daffy, thank you for spendin your evenin wif me......
*kisses Daffy's paw one more time*

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