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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick Update on Casey

it been a busy weekend for Casey's foster mommy but here a quick update from today :)

Casey is doing fabulously! he is eating well. respirations are much easier then before the surgery. he really really wants to play. he still sounds a bit asthmatic when he sneaks in a bout of play but not nearly like he did before. his personality is coming back. when he first got home from the hospital he was hesitant to use the dog door. he wouldn't take pills, he would run if there was a hint of a pill in the treat we were giving. now he takes them willingly with a wag of his tail. he is back to standing up and begging whenever he wants something. He moves without pain. One thing we haven't heard yet is him singing regularly. he sang every day. we do miss that but that will come back i am sure in time. he is really frustrated with his restrictions. he wants to run , play ball, play tug of war. its too hot to take a short walk. its been 101-104 it seems like almost every day. too hot to take him out. Vet says no to being out in the hot weather very long. too hard for him to breathe. i know one thing he is happy to be home and he can breathe so much better. he doesn't hardly cough at all. of course we will know the real deal when he can run and play. thats when he coughed alot before and had to stop playing. Monday he gets his staples out! yay!! he has had to wear a t-shirt since he came home and he really doesn't like that. its just way to warm. i will update more tomorrow.

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