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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saturday Night Date Night!

so as many ov you knows da winner ov my datin contest in honor of Casey's Cause was Daffy!
so her and i haz decided we iz gonna have our date dis Saturday night!
da time for da date will be 8:00 pm Eastern time zone
7:00 pm Central time zone
now dis date iz gonna be live on Twitta! and da hash tag we iz gonna use iz gonna
be #VinnyDaffyDate
so please come and watch our date live and i hopes 
you all have fun watchin me trip ova me words and me feets cuz Daffy do makes
me heart skip beats and sometimes i gets nervousness.
 hee hee dat rhymed a bit BOL!

come join us to watch wot unfolds and please keep
Casey's Cause in your thoughts, hims Chip In iz still 
open and every little bit you can gives towards hims goal helps.
thanks so much everyone xoxo

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  1. Oh this is so exciting. You and Daffy do make a very handsome couple. Very handsome indeed.