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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th ov July!!

update from Casey's foster mommy....

happy 4th everyone! i missed updating yesterday. Casey was in a good mood. had a great day! he got to go to mom's for our family gathering. We got him a 4th of july shirt. he really likes it we think. we got to mom's about 3:30pm and Casey knew exactly where he was at when we pulled up. he could not wait to get inside. he adores my mom. Casey got to go for short walks to potty because mom doesn't have a fenced yard. he really enjoyed that. we ate supper and he got a bit of biscuit which he loved! Then we settled down to play cards so we pulled up a chair and he watched us play cards for awhile until he got sleepy and took a nap on the chair. What a great day he had. Enjoyed the company of my family and just plain getting out of the house to somewhere besides the vet! Today he is a bit sleepy but i think thats from going away yesterday. He has eaten well today and was trying to play tug of war till i made him stop. too much pressure on the area's needing to heal. i keep telling him we are now starting the second week of his recup. time is flying! Just 3 weeks till he is off restrictions! he will still be on medical treatment for the next few months but at least he will be able to run and play. so everyone please have a happy and safe 4th of July. We here in Indiana are on a burn ban order due to our drought so no fireworks are allowed. All have been cancelled so it will be a very quiet 4th. Enjoy Casey's pictures!

Casey says HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

Posing in his new shirt
Dad got me unstrapped and i am ready to get out at grandma's! 
 i LOVE  my grandma!! She says i am her grandog. i feel special! 
Hmmm mom and her sissy's are setting the table while dad rubs my head.
 i can see what you are doing!
 I's so cute!

rub my head , rub my head!!
ahhh.... my uncle rubs my head sooooo good!
i loves my uncle. (pssst.. he says he don't like animals, tee hee...)  
 i see's your cards!
(we were playing cards and had casey sitting on a chair watching)
nope i won't tell anyone what you have mom! 
 i partied to late! i is sooooo tired!

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