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Monday, July 2, 2012

Casey's Monday night update

a note from Casey's foster mommy.....

Casey is doing very well today. much better then yesterday. he is up moving around, active and wanting to play. he has decided to take his pills at least for today! we are using cheese and as long as he thinks its cheese i am eating he wants to share it. we had company this evening and they got him a present! a gorgeous collar. he likes it really well. i will put it on him tommorrow when we go to my mom's for our 4th of July gather.
 Casey is lucky he gets to go. got him a 4th of 
July t-shirt to wear and he will have his pretty new collar. we know he is feeling better because he is fussing at Checkers who he likes to give what for sometimes.
so today is a good day!

 i want my treat!!!
he getting my treat!
 its cold in here with the air on.
gotta clean those toes!!!
yummmm got my treat!
 yummm yummm!
i want Nina's treat! 
where did it go?
grrr. grrr. got my toy, got my toy!
exercise time! i'm doing the bicycle. woohoo, exercise them legs! 
chillin on my friends lap looking out at the big world with my new collar on!
i look handsome!


  1. So glad Casey had a better day today! He's bound to have ups & downs during recovery, but each passing day should bring him closer to a clean bill of health. Keep up the good work, Casey boy!

    Love & hugs!

  2. Hello sweetheart. This is @Katiebella2. I just learned about you. xox Get well sweet one.