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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Casey has hims Staples removed!!!

an update from Casey's foster mommy.......

 Monday was the day to get Casey's staples out and get the results of all his tests. we started the day like we always do up and out for potty and then time for pills and breakfast. after breakfast Casey always rolls around and gets himself some exercise. hubby took the time to tell casey what was going on today. Obviously by the picture he was thoroughly shocked! he was in for a pleasant day as well as his vet appt. we took him to Petsmart to pick up some kitty food and dog food and let him choose a toy. we met a very nice clerk who helped Casey pick out his toy. he also got to meet a mean looking cat! then off we went to lowes to pick up some stuff for a rental we are cleaning up. he loves going to Lowes! when we got to the vets we were met by Thomas whom Casey adores. he was dropping off something for us. Jen greeted us with her friendly smile as always. Casey got weighed. he only gained 3 oz with his exercise restrictions. Into the room we went and i got him a cup of water. all that shopping makes for a thirsty Casey! Dr Coolman came in and Casey wasn't too crazy about greeting him but he did. Casey was a good boy and stood very still while his staples were taken out and then doc listened to his lung. his lung sounded clear, his respirations were good. pathology showed no cancers and no infection left. yay!! doc feels its a good possibility that the lung didn't fully develop and then when he got the two kinds of bacteria in there it made it collapse. removing the lung was the best thing we could do as it removed the source of reoccurring bacteria. eventually it would have caused damage to his good lung. prognosis for Casey is very very good. doc took him off his antibiotic , pain meds and his breathing pill , the theophylline today! another big yay!! Casey is on activity restrictions for 2 more weeks and we are to monitor him very closely for any coughing, gums turning blue or white. excessive wheezing etc. i am to report to doc in two weeks how he is doing. depending on what the news is will be how we will proceed. also if at any time he shows a decline since having been taken off all meds i am to call right away. the hope is that he will remain off all meds and get on with doing what he is supposed to be doing, living a normal fun iggy life! if he does have an increase in wheezing etc we may have to put him back on the theophylline and that will be a lifelong med than. we will always have to monitor for the hemolytic anemia. he is in remission and could remain in remission if we are lucky but there is always that potential it could flare up. if so we shall put him back on pred right away to get it back into remission. Casey's biggest wishes right now would be to be able to take that darn t-shirt off (which he can't for a few more days due to his love for licking area's like his incision) and to be able to play like he did before he got sick. i know also he can't wait till the next meet and greet so he can go and collect donations from people. Casey loves to wear that donation vest and collect money for rescue. I know he is very grateful for all the love and support everyone has given to him throughout the series of illness's he has had to endure. please know from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for your generosity. please pass it around that Casey's chipin is still going for awhile yet as we haven't quite reached our goal yet. Enjoy the pictures!!! i will continue to update you on his progress.

oh man gotta get this staples out they itch!!!
waiting for my pills!! 
geezzz.... dad is slow. still waiting for my pills!!
yummmm yummm pills are good!! 
Ok gotta do my morning exercise. getting good at doing the bicycle! 
finally found my singing voice again! i am sooo happy! love to sing! 
Here is my sissy singing with me! Isn't she cute!! 
dad says we is going somewhere
Oh heck no i ain't going to no vet!
 I ain't goin!!
This ain't lookin good!
YOU are making me go! 
 i am not talkin to you!
 waiting for dad to bring us our gas station treat
 wait a minute we are headed into petsmart!
 so much to look at!
over here!!!!!
 i is smilin! i knows me a big celebrity! 
 i know there is some crumbs under here somewhere!
whoa thats one mad cat!
 toy shopping!!!! yay!!
i like this guy. he dresses funny!
 is that for me!
 i like this one!
 hmmmmm whats over here??
ok taking this one home!
did you get my toy loaded!
catching a few winks while dad is gettin gas! 
ok... now where are we?
hahaha! its lowes lumber company! 
you was jokin me. we aren't going to the vet! 
WOW! all this stuff!
I is helpin!
  where's dad!
tell me the truth! does dad know your buying all this stuff! 
here we go!!!
how much is it checkout lady!
lets go!
 where we going now! this is fun!
 hi thomas, you going to the vet too! 
Really... your serious.. i have to go in there? 
 oh its jen! i love her!
 Puhlease!!!!!! let me go home!
 i was thirsty!
its dr coolman. if i am nice maybe he will be.... 
 ow i'm hidin my head , i'm hidin my head! 
my battlescar
 can you hear anything!
we're done!
whew! thats over gotta pee before we leave! 
 we went to Dogs and Suds! Any of that mine!! 
 grrr.... i got a hot dog!
 i'm home!
playing with my new toy!
we killed it!
what a fun day but its good to be home! nite all! 

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