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Friday, August 3, 2012

Casey doin really good!!

an update from Casey's foster mommy....

 Casey is doing very well. he has been running and playing and having a great time agitating the other iggy kids! He now can run down to the end of the yard at full speed. he still sounds asthmatic but then i was told he always would. Doc is very impressed with his progress since the surgery. only thing we can't figure out is his incision site has been healed for quite some time but if we take his shirt off he licks it raw. hope he gets over that one of these days! i have attached some pictures of him from recent. he is back to singing several times a day. so much like the Casey we knew before he got sick. its really nice to have him back!!

 i love love starting the morning out with a song!
 my foster sissy won't leave me alone! gives me a headache! 
 think they notice i'm in here?
how can i get the new kittens food off the top of this crate.... 
i didn't touch it! just sittin here!
trying to be sneaky is exhausting!

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