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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

me my mommy and my mommy's brain

"a single voice iz seldom heard but a thousand voices shake da world"

for dis post i gonna wear my sooper hero cape and probly gonna let 
mom borrow it too while i write dis........

ova da last year as some ov you may knows my mom haz been very poorly.
her haz seen many doctors and had many tests wif no answers in site.
finally her did comes across a doctor who did knows wot was
wrong wif her and diagnosed her wif ET. 

ET iz short for Essential Tremors. dis disease iz a disease ov da brain
and causes uncontrollable shakin in her head and hands and many
cognitive issues as well.

so dis beings a good thing dat finally afta all dis time her knows wot iz wrong.
but it has been a hard road and it has taken a toll on our family 
in many ways, but we knows dat no matta wot, we can ova come
da obsticals dat comes our way wif our faith in da good Lord
and our luv for eachotha.

many times mommy iz sad and needs me and Gino and daddy to be der
for her to makes her feel not so alone in da world. 
sometimes i lets me mom wears my cape i thinks it do makes her feel
much betta and more brave so her can face her day.

one more thing....because my family feels so strongly abouts givin
and helpin othas mommy has decided dat when dat day comes dat her goes
to Heaven her will leave a medical legacy for da future generations
and donates her brain for research to da Essential Tremor Brain
Repository at Columbia University in New York. 
i hopes maybe her can help othas to find a cure...... 

i wants to thank all me friends who has been der for me and me family
durin dis hard time, i thinks wifout all da luv and suppport
you has all shown me and me family it would be much harder to cope wif dis.

please take da time to learn a little bit abouts dis disease and next time you
sees someone shakin or havin a hard time talkin or writin 
you may be closer to understandin wot der daily struggles 
may just be like.....

i has attached a link to a wonderful site dat has help our 
family understand wot ET iz and how family's can cope wif 
ET, der iz no cure for dis disease but great research iz 
goings on, please spread da word,
it may just help someone else feel not so alone....

thank you friends and God Bless.......



  1. I understand about the tremmers but I has an idea for casey's wound if you wants it!

  2. Your Mom and M have similar problems. M. Has Parkinson's Disease, so she has many bad days also. Keep up with this blog and help educate those of us that don't know much about this disesase. M has her own bloggy too on her journey with PD. You both have a lot in common I think.

  3. I loves you & your Mommy very much Vinny - you have the kindest hearts and are always there for others. I want you to know I'm here for you-will always have #ComfortingPurrs and a ((HUG)) for you - on good days and bad ones! Thank you for letting us know what your Mommy is going through so we can (hopefully) help her along her journey with ET.
    Love yoo!

  4. I send Loving thoughts and hugs to your mommy, daddy, fur bro Gino and of course to you Vincent.