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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

in da beginnin......

my story and where i did comes from......

"Vincent"....dat me!
 hee hee :)

well were doos i start.....mmmmm....
i guess at da beginnin.

mom and dad did haves an Iggy named Tempeh for 15 1/2 years, 
him was der bestist freind in da whole world and filled der life wif happiness
and luv, but as Iggys do Tempeh left dem and went
 OTRB...... :(

so afta Tempeh was gone mom and dad did doos lots of cryin for 6 months,
and dey missed havin a little soul in da house so much dat it made der 
bellys feel bad all da time. so dey knew dat it was time to fill da house wif da
pitter patter ov little Iggy feets once again.

mom heard abouts me from a girl here work wif and her found out dat it was a back 
yard breeder dat was sellin puppies for furnitures and tvs and stuff yikes! mom said no way!
and a month passed......

den da laydee called mom and said i gotta get rid ov dis puppy doos you 
want him. mom was scared knowin dat i came from der her didnt wanna get involved.
but  her news dat if she didnt check it out i would end up at da pound or worser.
so dis laydee did bring me to moms work to sees me and her did brings my Iggy
mom too, her name was Shelby.

i was 4 month old and a bloo streak ov lightin! but no one could touch me
i was wild, like a wild dog from da wilderness. i also had neva see a vet
and had no shots or check ups yet, so mom knew dis was a gamble, 
but as soon as her did sees me her knew her had to help and so her called dad
and said lets both go sees dis puppy tonight!

so mom and dad did goes to da dog park to sees me and as soon as dad
was able to get close enough to me he scooped me up and said we take 
dis Iggy now! dad did almost run back to da car wif me afraid dat 
laydee would change her mind. 

so dat all dey knows abouts me otha that i had neva had a toy to play wif
or neva did i haves a chewy to chew and i could hardly be touched. 
i would run as soon as someone got close to me i was very afraid.
but mom and dad did work wif me and dey gave me so much luv dat 
i learned dat der touchin was good and would neva hurt me.

for da first time in my young life i had a foreva home and somthin told me
dis was gonna be my home for da rest ov my life.....

dis all i really remember ov my beginnin, i dont rememba too much ov it
which iz probly for da best but i tell you dis.....
i haz da best home i could eva ask for and i knows deep in my heart
dat i iz one very lucky Iggy for findings my mom and dad.

i thinks i helped dem wif da mendin ov der hearts afta Tempeh gots hims wings.
nothin fills da cracks in da heart from da loss ov a best freind like 
findin a new best freind.... all dat luv dat has no weres to go and 
gets build up and starts to cause pains, you hafta get rid ov dat luv
and da ways to do dat iz to adopt again.....

so mom and dad did fill der hearts and der home
 wif da pitter patter ov little Iggy feets once again.....


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