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Friday, June 1, 2012

Dis iz an update on Casey's surgery in Casey's foster Mommy's own words and lots of lovely pictures to follow

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Casey's surgery is officially set up for June 26th. consult is 9am and his surgery be around 10-11am. Typically a two hour surgery. We have a very experienced surgeon doing the surgery. His name is Dr Coolman. We have used him many times for broken legs,toes,liver shunts etc. This is the first time we have used him to do such an exstensive surgery as removal of a lung. I am told that he has performed many of these throughout his career and that since this is a specialty hospital as well as an emergency hospital that he has done many critical trauma surgeries as well. 

I have set the surgery up so that one of our trusted volunteers whom Casey knows pretty well will be working and she will either be scheduled in his area or she will be able to check on him frequently and give him lots and lots of love. He will be there likely 4 days unless he does extremely well which I am hoping for then he could come home in as little as 2 days but I was told that isn't often. I don't like to think of him there without us watching over him. I probably will be driving them crazy with lots of phone calls.   

Casey with my grandgter taken a few weeks ago. she was "reading" him a story from our bird book,                    
Elephant had to listen too.
its a cold day! today the temp dropped from in the 90's to the 60's . Casey loves his blankies

picture is of Casey with Nina (foster) and Bindi Sue (mine)  
Casey has a tendency to take care of the new  
Nina is 14 yr girl who came in with health issues. he lays with her quite a bit

Casey playing peek a boo!  this is the reason we call Casey , Casey Boo alot.

another picture of Casey Boo.

these pictures are of Casey in the dishwasher. i was loading dishes when i decided to take a potty break and i came back and there he was!! the first picture was when i first saw him then i snapped the nexts one as  
he was hard at work. last picture you can tell he is happy with himself.

picture is Casey chilling on the couch

picture is of Casey getting ready for a nap

Casey playing with a stuffed squirrel with Bindi Sue

Casey guarding dad while dad is taking a nap after a hard day of work planting gardens.

Casey yodeling with army (my ig) and Checkers (my whiggy) the others were singing too. many times          
throughout the day Casey likes to get everyone singing. (usually when i am on the phone!)

More Pictures........... hee hee

   Casey getting his iggy brother and sister playing while waiting for their breakfast

he heard breakfast being fixed!

Casey's meds. Baytril costs 69.00 and Theophylline 18.00. we finally got respiratory doc to fill the
 Theophylline  for 90 days as of yesterday.
its cheaper that way.

Casey conducting the after breakfast singing fest. Happens every morning when he is feeling good. 
if he feels really good it happens a couple of times a day

Casey and whiggy brother Checkers singing.

please support Casey we wants dis little guy betta so him can gets a foreva home!