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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dating Contest Winner....

Da Anipal Dating Contest Winner Is...............


Daffy! Congratulations to you on your winning of da datin contest and a $100.00 donation in your name to Casey's Cause!

  thank you for helpin me get da word out abouts Casey we gonna have a great date!!

dis contest was really fun and very very close at da end between Daffy and Rusty!
der was a total of 3856 votes in all
 dat iz a hooge amount of support for da contest and Casey's Cause!

with all of da work dat was involved in puttin dis all togetha der are many to thank!
first of all i would like to thank all da laydeez who pawtisipated in da contest thank you for all your wonderfull answers to all my questions and thank you so very much for promotin Casey's Cause to da world!

Rusty Linda
Jess da Springer
Rosie Terrier 
Minnie Cuteness
Madeline (Little Cakees)

next i would like to thank da wonderful hoomans and anipals behind da seens!
wifout dem all dis never could never have happened! thank you from da bottom of my heart!

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu
for puttin togetha da whole contest on her very own blog!
Shelly and Mimi for finding all da contestants and making everythin come togetha  seemlessley
Olly for creating all da pictures yet to come for da  wonderful date i has planned
Frankie Figs for da special music yet to come for da  wonderful date i has planned

and thank you to everyone who re tweeted Casey's Cause! and donated to help Casey gets him's surgery! and posted da contest on der blogs and Facebook and Voted! whew! :)
without all of my wonderful anipal friends we could neva have done it!!

and a special thanks to IGCA and IGRF for der hooge support and for finding Casey for us all to fall in luv wif and help!

also keep in mind da CHIP IN is still active so any donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated!!!

thank you everyone! 
and keep in mind Casey's surgery is June 26th we will all be praying for him
on #caseysporch

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