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Friday, June 29, 2012

Casey at home......Recovery

Casey's Journey.....

Friday evenin update from Caseys foster mom.....

well everyone its been a heck of a day! hot and humid. hard to keep Casey quiet. he paced alot today. i think he is already tired of being restricted. He spent alot of time following me around and sitting on his dads lap. he wants play and can't understand why he can't. ate a good supper. breathing is great. for the first time in many many many months there is no cough or asthmatic sounding respirations. he sounds nice and clear. we had a terrible storm this afternoon. winds were upwards of 90 mph.we have lots of tree's , limbs,fence and "stuff" strewn all over. my husband wasn't here and me well i am a chicken when it comes to storms. Casey isn't afraid of storms so instead of hiding like some of my other dogs he stuck to me and when i sat down he would sit on my lap and wash my face or lay his head on my heart and push hard into me. i think he was either comforting me or maybe he was just happy i was here with him. either way it made the storm a teeny bit less scary! tonite he is really tired. its exhausting being the great protector from storms! here is a couple of pictures of him. he has snuggled up in a bed and covered himself up for a snooze.

a note from Casey's foster mom

this is the first update of the day. Casey slept all nite in his crate on his new bed. i think he really likes it! he is whining and begging for breakfast. took his pain meds but for some reason he keeps spitting out his antibiotic. i guess we are going to have to "pill" him as they call it. he always hated it before but i could hide it. today he finds it! has to have his antibiotic its very very important ! He ate well, couldn't wait for breakfast. Its muggy but not unbearably hot yet today at 9am so dad and casey are outside enjoying a bit of the morning. will update more later today.

love my new bed! settling in for my first nite home
I'm mad! Mom won't let me play!!
Roo Roo!! where's breakfast!!!
What you got!! 
 see my tongue mom! i 'm sticking it out at you
cause you won't let me play and bindi sue gets to!!
yummmm yummmmmm breakfast!
scratch my butt.... scratch my butt......


  1. He looks great! Continued prayers for a full recovery!

  2. Yayayaaa for Casey and hugs to you Vincent you a great pal for him. #pawscrossed for good recovery!

    1. thanks we luvs him like a brofur, thank you for da well wishes for Casey :)