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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hi evfurrybody dis iz Vincent Rocket askin you all to help Casey, i came across Casey when i gots in contact wif IGCA to see if i could help dem in any way and dey told me abouts Casey. please read hims story and help him gets betta so him can find hims foreva home. thank you :')

Casey came in March of 2010 into foster care. him was 3 years old. sweet lil Casey had been tied to a table leg for 16+ hours a day wif a wire cable. one day him got tangled up in da wire and almost got hims penis cut off. dis is da reason him ended up in da rescue. hims family could not afford hims vet care. da rescue worked to heal casy from march till da end of June.

dey thought dey had him healed but sadly it was not to be. da vet feels him had metal shavings down in da skin and causin da area to reinfect. so end da of June 2010 casey had hims penis removed and hims "plumbing" rerouted to da back and a stoma made so him could pee normally.

Casey was all healed by mid august when dey noticed him didn't seem like himself. it was hot out beings August but him just wanted to lay in da corner of da couch. him used to love to play ball,run and wrestle wif da other igs in da home. him had lost interest in all of dis. him just wanted to lay and sleep. dey couldn't even get hims interested in going for car rides or meet and greets at petstores. dey took him to da vet on a Monday and him appeared to be ok but dey insisted dat dey do bloodwork.

 on dat Wednesday da bloodwork came back and Casey was diagnosed wif hemolytic anemia. dey immediately started him on high doses of prednisone. dey started seeing da old Casey again! every day dey were havin episodes of da zoomies through da house. dey were sooo excited for him. da summer of 2011 was a great summer. dey were still weaning him off of da prednisone and figured about September he would be ready to find dat foreva home. but not to be.

him started coughin and hims breathin sounded asthmatic. him was back to bein very tired and not wantin to play or do anythin but sleep. dey got him into da vet right away and da vet took chest xrays and found out hims right lung had collapsed. his left lung showed infection in it so dey put him back on antibiotics.

him got better and sounded better and was starting to get hims energy back. by October him was doin good and dey thought ok hims is fine now, den he had a relapse at da end of October. hims vet sent him to a respiratory specialist in November who wanted to perform a very expensive test called a bronchoscopy. Even doe it cost 1700.00 da rescue agreed he needed to have it done. so dey did dat in December.

It turns out dat him has a bacteria called mycoplasma and pasteurella. dey started him on two different antibiotics. since December Casey has been on antibiotics and back to the specialist once every 30 days for chest xrays and another 30 day round of antibiotics. dey were able to stop one antibiotic in March but dey have had to continue wif da second one. dey did stop da second antibiotic for 4 days and Casey started goin downhill again so dey restarted it again.

Casey has shown great improvements since bein on da antibiotics and him is more like hims old self. very playful. him goes to some of da meet and greets and him now can be active for an hour and sometimes two before him has to take a nap. him so enjoys life. him looks forward to every day. him loves peoples. but sadly at da last appt wif da specialist da specialist had conferenced wif two to other vets at da clinic and dey feel Casey will never get over da infection in hims lungs unless da source of the infection is removed. dis beings da collapsed lung. it will never reinflate and dey feel it is a field of bacteria causing him to constantly have an active infection and eventually damage da left lung. da left lung does have some minor scar tissue right now.

 so to give Casey hims life back dey need to remove dat right lung. dis is a very expensive surgery. i iz told upwards of $2500.00.
God willin dis will be da last health crisis dis sweet iggy boy will have to endure.
Casey has been a very medically expensive little iggy. to date da rescue has paid out over $6400.00 in medical expenses for him.

 but you know wot??!!
 him is worth every penny of it!!
 PLEASE find it in your heart to help dis little guy, so him can get well and find hims foreva home

IGCA Rescue
Donations will go to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Fund. The fund has already paid for $6,400 of Casey's medical bills and we anticipate an additional $2,500 expenditure to get him in good health so that he can be available for addoption. The IG Rescue Fund pays for the medical bills of dogs in rescue. Any funds raised over the goal amount of $8,900 will also go to the IG Rescue Fund to benefit the dogs in rescue. IGCA Rescue is a 501c3 charity. We secure discounted services with our veterinarians so your hard earned dollars go further than dollar for dollar. If only 1,780 people donate $5.00 each, we will read our goal so EVERY TINY DONATION HELPS! Even $1.00 :-) Please read Casey's bio and consider a donation.
To learn more about IGCA Rescue nationally go to http://www.italiangreyhound.org/ and click on the rescue tab for more information.
To learn more about IGCA Rescue Florida please go to http://www.floridaigrescue.com/


  1. Oh, Vincent, so much has happened to this little guy. They've done quite a lot for him, too. I hope he is able to have his procedure and heals fast and well! Thank you for being such a good ambassador for iggies everywhere!

  2. Casey is in my prayers everyday, him has been through a lot but dey tell me him iz a true trooper and has been such a brave boy through da whole thing....
    Vincent Rocket

  3. Oh, boy. Paws crossed! Hugs!! {{{Casey}}}

  4. Aw, dat poor, sweet pup! Me & Mom r contributing what we can & will be sure to RT on Twitta. Vincent, you are a bery sweet boy. Much love & best of luck to Casey & hims family.

    1. thank you so much darlin! you iz helpinbme greatly :')