welcome to mees bloggy i hopes yoo enjoy mees adventures as much as i likes havin dem :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

hello everyone! i just wanted to let you all know wot i iz doing here on my new bloggy.
first of all i am dedicating dis to all da pets out der in need ov foreva homes. dis iz very impawtant to me because my brofur Gino comes from a rescue where him was in and out of foster care for a long time. Gino iz really da reason for me to be here. him iz so happy and setteled in hims foreva home wif us dat it fills our hearts wif luv and gives me a reason to want to give back.
on dis bloggy i will be havin fudraisers and helpin as much as i can to make sure dat someday, maybe not in my lifetime, but someday der will be no more unwanted pets in da world.........

i iz not very good ats grammers or punktuations and spellins, but i haz a big heart, so i hopes you follow me through my life adventures and does of my brofur Gino. and maybe along da way we can help does in need of love and comfort and finding foreva homes.

thank you
Vincent Rocket


  1. Yay Vincent!!!! Good luck on your new endeavor. Have fun.

  2. Good for you my forever friend x

  3. High paw, my friend .... for the love of Gino

  4. Your blog is going to be as pawsome as you are Vinnie! I loves you & Gino! ((HUGS)) OxOxO

  5. I love your bloggie, Vinnie! This must be the "secret mission" you've been talking about. You're amazing and so is your bloggie! Good luck, I know you will make a difference! Loves you, Vinnie!

  6. thank you, der iz a part 2 to da mission too, so stay tooned. :)