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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gino's Journey

as i think back to da day Gino came to live wif us......

mommy wanted anotha Iggy, no doubt friends, i was gettin a brofur or fursis.
we looked around locally but found no iggys...so one day while lookin through petfinder mommy saw Gino. she knew, somthin inside her clicked when her saw hims big brown eyes.

Gino was a 3 year old Italian Greyhound just like me, but because him was known to haves siezures no one wanted him. dis i tell ya made mommy want him more. it took a long time to to finally get the ok to go to visit Gino in foster care in Miami, but dat day i will neva forget.

mommy and daddy and me packed da car for an adventure, and adventure dat would change our lives. we drove and drove and drove and drove and finally we got der. we all walked into da house and der him was, full of life and sweet as pie! after mommy took care of all da buisness we harnessed da G man and took him wif us, took him to start da rest of hims life wif us.

Gino was said to be very scared and had skin problems and somethin called horners syndrome along wif hims seizures. him had lots of medicine. mommy also noticed da first week dat Gino didnt see too good specially at nights. we took Gino to da vets and hims got on special foods and within no time him was off meds and hims skin and ears were clearing up. da doctor said him needs to see da eye doctor, so mommy made da appointment.

mommy was very scared for Gino her was scared him was going blind. so off to da doctor dey went. after a long time of testing Gino da doctor confirmed PRA. PRA iz an inherited eye disease dat always leads to blindness. so saddened by dis news mommy cryed for many days. her found doe dat her loved Gino even more, and knew her and daddy and me would do what eva we could for him.
i wears a bell for Gino so him can hears me when we iz out in da yard at night. it do help him and den him dont get lost. my brofur Gino has had no sezures since him came to live wif us, he is happy and well adjusted and even doe him cant see to good we do zoomies and play every day.
dees lovely pictures are from da ride home dat day we picked him up. him has come so far since den. and now dat him iz comfortable in hims new home him iz fearless.

Gino, my brofur, my partner in crime.......my very best friend in da whole world......
i luv you :')


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  3. That is quite the story and well told. I'm so glad that you found each other. It must have been meant to be!